Open Source Hash

Decarb Experiment: Lid vs No Lid

In this experiment, we explored how decarboxylation conditions affect the chemical composition of hash rosin by manipulating temperature and duration

hashtek solventless seminar

Solventless Seminar 2 Recap

We rehash our weekend in LA at the 2nd Solventless Seminar, an immersive two-day experience covering all aspects of solventless extraction at Rosin Tech Labs.

hashtek solventless seminar

Solventless Seminar: Special Guests Q&A Part 1

The guest teachers at our Solventless Seminar are experts in their fields and excited to share their passion and knowledge with attendees! We sat down with a few of them for the inside scoop on what they’ll be covering during their sessions.

Rosin Curing Timelapse 2.0

Discover the mesmerizing world of rosin extraction with our timelapse video. Watch as freshly pressed rosin undergoes a captivating transformation from its initial state to …

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