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Aleks Zed

Aleks, founder of Hashtek, is dedicated to the art and science of solventless extraction and trichome separation. He loves sharing his technical expertise through engaging articles, helping others master this intricate craft.

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Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf (@katadellic on Instagram) is Hashtek's culture specialist, leading the Hashmaker Q&A series and covering events for the Hashtek blog. She is passionate about building strong cannabis brands through authentic, engaging content, and telling the stories of industry leaders.

Hashtek Sponsors Coffee & Donuts "To Go" Tour Michigan Stop
Team Hashtek will be joining the Coffee & Donuts "To Go" Tour Michigan stop! We sat down with co-host Shoragim to get the inside scoop on C&D MI.
hashtek solventless seminar
We rehash our weekend in LA at the 2nd Solventless Seminar, an immersive two-day experience covering all aspects of solventless extraction at Rosin Tech Labs.
hashtek solventless seminar
In part 2 of our Q&A series, learn what our seminar leader and a few more of our special guest experts will cover during the second Hashtek Solventless Seminar.
hashtek solventless seminar
The guest teachers at our Solventless Seminar are experts in their fields and excited to share their passion and knowledge with attendees! We sat down with a few of them
hashtek solventless seminar
Find out what we've got going on at our second Hashtek Solventless Seminar, led by Pacific NW Roots Kaya on March 2nd and 3rd at Rosin Tech Labs in LA.
Hashtek at Ego Clash 2023
Fresh off a weekend in LA at Legends of Hashish III, team Hashtek announces we're heading to the Mendocino hills for The Ego Clash Invitational hosted by Brandon from 3rd
Hashtek's LCD Control offers precision with 7 agitator settings and dual pump control, while Analog Control 2.0 adapts to user patterns for ease and efficiency.
legends of hashish
With deep roots in hashish culture, team Hashtek jumped on the opportunity to sponsor Legends of Hashish II and is excited to be back again this year for Legends III
kaya pacific nw roots hashtek 65t
The very first Hashtek Solventless Seminar will be held at the state-of-the-art RosinTech Labs facility in LA and taught by Ras Kaya Paul of PacificNwRoots, covering the ice-water extraction process
the smoking jacket
The Smoking Jacket is an immersive three-day live hash experience featuring resin talk panels, hash tastings, and a competition featuring 30 innovative makers. The spirit of this event is unique


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