Hashtek Heads to The Hills for The Ego Clash Invitational

Fresh off a weekend in Los Angeles for Legends of Hashish III with our California-based distributor RosinTech, team Hashtek is excited to announce we’re heading to the Mendocino hills to sponsor The Ego Clash Invitational hosted by Brandon from 3rd Gen Family Farm.

Along the way, we’re hitting Nikka T’s Humboldt High Tea featuring curated pairings of tea and hash amongst the beautiful redwood forests of Northern California. We’ll also be at T. Beezle of Little Lake Valley Seed Co.’s birthday sesh in Santa Rosa with a whole lineup of special guests including Aloha Apothecary who was recently featured on our blog.

The Ego Clash is always one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, and we’re honored to be a part of it this time around — plus get to experience a whole weekend of festivities in this region that is so iconic to our hashish community!

Hashtek at Ego Clash 2023

What is The Ego Clash Invitational?

The Ego Clash asks the best of the best to come to the table and throw down with competitions in flower, rosin, and full melt. What’s unique about this event is that there’s no fee to enter — but if you want to be let in, you better bring a donation for the toy drive!

Each year, attendees fill giant trash bags and stuff a trailer to the brim with games, dolls, and even bikes that are brought to several local charities, while some are packaged up and sent to Mexico through 3rd Gen’s partnership with the La Familia Foundation. While this aspect of the event certainly aims to bring the cannabis community together, the competition itself is an all out battle.

Makers wait all year for that highly anticipated invitation to hit their inbox, save their very best jar of terps for the trip, and go head-to-head in a grueling, hours-long fight to the finish. The event is held in a remote, no-frills location along the hillside and stretches across four main locations – the glass house, the hash house, the flower house, and of course, the infamous cave.

You can check out full coverage of last year’s Ego Clash from hash writer and connoisseur Action Matt Jackson here, and watch Brandon’s episode of the Hot Dabs podcast to hear more about the origin story of Ego here.

Team Hashtek at The Ego Clash Invitational 2023

Hashtek joined Ego as a sponsor for the first time this year and our founder Aleks couldn’t be more excited to attend.

We also have a few Hashtek users coming out to compete — Conner A.K.A TerpWizard out of Michigan and Hana representing Mission Hill Melts out of Maine. These are both A-Series users and have been featured in our Hash Maker Q&A Series on the blog. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table!

The Ego Clash Invitational 2022 Winners


1st: Heritage Hash Co. & Bryantist “Riddlez”

2nd: Master Ball Melts “Grape Gas”

3rd: Cold Gold Solventless “Soap x Waffle Cones”

Full Melt

1st: Simp.Lee.Adam “Banana God”

2nd: Trichome Tortoise “Super Boof”

3rd: Yeti Melts “Lime x Apple 36”


1st: Turtle Hermit “Mac1”

2nd: Royal Budline “Zkittlez” 

3rd: Fig Farms “Blue Face”

See you at the table…and see you on the blog soon for some Legends vs. Ego thoughts from Aleks!

Hashtek at The Smoking Jacket

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