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Aleks Zed

Aleks, founder of Hashtek, is dedicated to the art and science of solventless extraction and trichome separation. He loves sharing his technical expertise through engaging articles, helping others master this intricate craft.

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Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf (@katadellic on Instagram) is Hashtek's culture specialist, leading the Hashmaker Q&A series and covering events for the Hashtek blog. She is passionate about building strong cannabis brands through authentic, engaging content, and telling the stories of industry leaders.

Compare water vs glycol chillers for ice water extraction. Choose the best for your needs, balancing cost, sanitation, and performance.
Ultrasonic cleaners strip away caked-on resin from tools and jars, and they might also be an novel method for accelerating rosin curing.
Ensure top-notch hash production with diligent cleaning and sanitation. Prevent contamination, protect flavor, and maintain safety standards
Using gloves to handle hash rosin can contaminate it with lint and microplastics. Best to use a sanitized stainless steel tool for collection.
Elevate hash ice water extraction with automated solenoid valves in glycol chillers. Prevent freezing, ensure seamless operation, and maintain product integrity with smart, synchronized flow control.
Learn how to make the best rosin jar labels as a solventless producer with examples of rosin jar label designers and packaging vendors.
This guide will show you how to use a Hashtek heat exchanger for chilling water during ice water extraction reducing/eliminating the need for ice
Tips and tricks for upping your bubble hash game.
The latest trends in solventless is washing bubble hash without ice. This articles explores the pros/cons of iceless washing.
How to use ICE Water extraction to make bubble hash


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