How To Wash Hash Bags (Bubble Bags)

The key to properly wash hash bags is to only use COLD water. Never use solvents like ISO or Rezolve on wash bags as they will break down the slick non-stick nature of the nylon material and make hash stick to it more readily. It is also important to clean your bags immediately after your bubble hash process. Letting your bags dry out before cleaning them is a recipe for disaster. Always leave bags to air dry fully before storing them. Sorting wet or moist bags will produce a microbial nightmare.

We may one day make a stainless steel version of the “bag spreader” shown below. Contact us if you have any interest in something like that.

Bootstrapped Hash Bag Wash Station

The first facility I worked at we setup a brand new solventless department in an era where BHO and CO2 extracts were still king. Solventless was still a new and unproven market. We were the first to bring both flower rosin and hash rosin to the recreational marketing in Ontario, Canada.

Being such a new and unproven market we had a very bootstrapped budget. Although solventless products would go on to become our best sellers, our board did not have as much faith as we did. We were given less than $10k to setup an entire operation for our first wash. This wash bay cost less than $500 if I recall correctly, plus another few hundred for a plumber to attach it to our drain system

Items Required:

If I was doing this again I would definitely buy a proper wash bay, but this is what we had at the time. The bucket with the holes in it I would do exactly the same. It works great to give the bags structure so that you have something to spray against while washing them. No more bags folding on you and nooks/crevices for hash, pistils and plant matter to hide.

And of course you will want to run cold water for cleaning the bags. We hooked the rinse hose up directly to our chilled RO tank.

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