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Aleks Zed

Aleks, founder of Hashtek, is dedicated to the art and science of solventless extraction and trichome separation. He loves sharing his technical expertise through engaging articles, helping others master this intricate craft.

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Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf (@katadellic on Instagram) is Hashtek's culture specialist, leading the Hashmaker Q&A series and covering events for the Hashtek blog. She is passionate about building strong cannabis brands through authentic, engaging content, and telling the stories of industry leaders.

Explore Ice Water vs. Dry Sift extraction methods. Choose Hashtek's specialized equipment for optimal quality and efficiency in cannabis production.
Hashtek's LCD Control offers precision with 7 agitator settings and dual pump control, while Analog Control 2.0 adapts to user patterns for ease and efficiency.
Calculate annual production capacity with the Hashtek Tumbler
A look into the advantages and disadvantage of using freeze dryers in the hash drying process.
Hash pumps are use to transfer trichome rich water.
How the proprietary Hashtek Tip-To-Empty system works
Common processing mistakes that can decrease the quality of your hash
Calculation of the amount of ice used to make bubble hash in a production environment
Main causes of dreaded green hash which has the terpene profile of freshly cut grass


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