Hashtek Tip-to-Empty System

The tip-to-empty system was born after the first time I showed my shop manager Kelly the process of emptying an agitation tank using scoops. He called this back-breaking practice barbaric. Of course having built breweries for the last 20+ years the process is barbaric when compared to how biomass is typically removed from tanks. You would not send workers in to scoop grain out of a mash tun after a brew. You typically have a side port or slide out gate to facilitate biomass removal.

But since grain is not cannabis and trichomes are not wort, we experimented with a few different designs before finally settling on our patented tip-to-empty design. When compared with beer the value of extracted product is much higher, and with the tipping tank design there is zero loss in trichomes, as compared with other methods we tested.

We are the only hash equipment company to offer this type of design, and have patented the process. On our larger tanks, such as the Hashtek 65t we recommend rotating the tank to 90 degrees, locking it in place, and then raking the material into manageable 15-25 gallon totes which can be lifted by a single worker.

Spent biomass makes a great compost material if your SOPs allow it to be used as such. Otherwise regular destruction processes apply.

Below are a couple of videos showing how the process looks on the Hashtek 25t model.

Happy Hash Making!

Hashtek at The Smoking Jacket

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