Comparing Analog Control 2.0 vs. LCD Control in Modern Equipment

In the world of advanced machinery, Hashtek stands out for its innovative approaches to control systems, particularly in the realm of agitator management. The company has offered two distinct methods of control over the years: the traditional Analog Control and the more modern 7″ LCD Control. Each method has its unique features and advantages, tailored to different user needs, budget and preferences.

7″ LCD Control: Precision and Versatility

The LCD Control system is a hallmark of modern technology in Hashtek’s equipment. It allows for an unprecedented level of precision and customization. This control system features seven distinct controls over the agitator, enabling users to fine-tune the operation to their exact specifications. Additionally, the LCD system boasts dual pump control, providing further flexibility and precision in operation. On the tilt series these pumps come pre-wired while on the A-series this controls an outlet where you plug in two pumps (typically rinse and recirc pumps).

This level of control can be particularly beneficial in processes where the exact speed and pattern of agitation are crucial. The dual pump control also adds a layer of complexity, allowing for more sophisticated operations. This can be especially useful in GMP environments where the consistency in the process is paramount.

Analog Control 1.0: The Classic Approach

The first version of the Analog Control system was straightforward yet effective. It featured basic controls for forward and reverse time, and a speed ramp, all of which were hard-coded into the system. The primary means of user interaction was through a dial that controlled the overall speed of the agitator.

While this system lacked the finesse and customization options of the LCD Control, it offered reliability and ease of use. For many users, the simplicity of the Analog Control 1.0 was a significant advantage, reducing the learning curve and allowing for quick operation.

Analog Control 2.0: Learning from LCD

Recognizing the growing demand for more sophisticated control systems yet understanding the appeal of the cost-effective analog interface, Hashtek introduced Analog Control 2.0. This updated version was designed to mirror the trends observed in users who preferred the LCD control option.

By aggregating data from numerous users, Hashtek developed a smart scaling system for the Analog Control 2.0. Although it still operates with a single control dial ranging from 0-100, the system now automatically adjusts the forward and reverse times and the speed ramp. This smart scaling is based on patterns observed in LCD users, allowing for a more intuitive and responsive control experience.

This innovation means that even with a single control, users can achieve a higher quality product. In gentle modes, the system allows for longer forward and reverse times, while in more aggressive modes, it shortens these times and applies steeper speed ramps. This adaptability ensures that the Analog Control 2.0 can approximate the precision of the LCD system while maintaining the simplicity and user-friendliness and low cost of a analog interface.

Can I Upgrade from Analog Control 2.0 to LCD?

Yes – it is possible to upgrade from Analog Control 2.0 to LCD control. The cost of the 7″ LCD upgrade kit is around $5,000 USD and can be done at home in under two hours. Contact us for more details.


The evolution of control systems in Hashtek’s equipment is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and user experience. While the LCD Control offers unparalleled precision and customization, the Analog Control systems provide cost-effective simplicity and ease of use. The introduction of Analog Control 2.0 bridges the gap between these two worlds, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly option that adapts to the user’s needs. This diversity in control options ensures that Hashtek’s products can cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements, solidifying its position as a leader in the field of advanced machinery controls.

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