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Aleks Zed

Aleks, founder of Hashtek, is dedicated to the art and science of solventless extraction and trichome separation. He loves sharing his technical expertise through engaging articles, helping others master this intricate craft.

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Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf (@katadellic on Instagram) is Hashtek's culture specialist, leading the Hashmaker Q&A series and covering events for the Hashtek blog. She is passionate about building strong cannabis brands through authentic, engaging content, and telling the stories of industry leaders.

In this experiment, we explored how decarboxylation conditions affect the chemical composition of hash rosin by manipulating temperature and duration
Testing if fruit ferments affect cannabis resin's flavor, using two identical plant beds, with results verified by experts and lab analysis.
Full COA comparison of Freeze Dried vs Speed Dried hash along with a discussion of the results
Free high resolution downloads of our rosin curing timelapse. Showing the crystallization of THC-a from fresh press to fully cured
The objective of this experiment is to assess the seal integrity of various extract jars by measuring the evaporation loss of 99% Isopropyl alcohol


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