Single-Source Rosin Gummies Recipe & Calculator

In the spirit of Hashtek’s approach to solventless extracts being the basis for all cannabis products, let’s dive into the science and soul of this single source rosin gummie recipe. It’s deceptively straightforward, yet packed with flavor. Here, the rosin is the star – we’re letting its natural profile come through, unmasked and celebrated. If the rosin’s flavor seems a bit shy, we can coax it out with a tweak – a little more citric acid or a splash of lemon juice. It’s about finding that perfect balance, where simplicity meets a burst of taste. It’s not just about following steps; it’s about understanding the why and how of each ingredient’s role. So let’s get into the kitchen and experiment!

My journey to RosinTech labs inspired this recipe, where I had the chance to savor their unique single source rosin gummies. The flavoring was purely from the rosin itself, and their papaya variety was a revelation – akin to biting into a slice of dried papaya. This experience fueled my determination to create a straightforward gummy recipe that highlights the natural essence of rosin.

For those seeking an easier method, consider the Melted Rosin Gummies Recipe, which involves simply melting down large 5lb bags of pre-made gummies. This recipe, however, caters to those who want to showcase their high-quality rosin without masking its taste with the artificial flavors and colors typical in commercial gummy bears and candies. The rationale behind melting pre-made gummies is practical: major gummy manufacturers invest heavily in research and development to perfect their products’ shelf life, texture, and taste. Melting down these gummies not only saves time but is also a technique used by some large-scale cannabis edible producers.

This recipe below is crafted for the true connoisseur!

Items Needed


  1. Gelatin Preparation: Start by placing cold water in a pot and gradually add gelatin sheets one by one, allowing each to soften and bloom. Once bloomed, they will become flexible. Proceed to incorporate sugar and citric acid into the mixture.
  2. Add Magnetic Stirrer
  3. Heating Process: Heat the mixture on medium-high until bubbling (190-200F). Mix in lemon drops if using them
  4. Add Lecithin
  5. Add Decarboxylated Rosin – Only mix for long enough to ensure a fully homogenized mixture. Excessive mixing at heat can cause loss of terpenes and flavors as they are highly volatile at these increased temperatures.
  6. Mold Preparation and Filling: Let the gummy mixture cool a bit, then grease the molds with release oil or dust them with cornstarch. Fill these molds swiftly with the mixture.
  7. Setting the Gummies: Let the molds cool for 2 to 4 hours to ensure complete setting of the gummies. Once set, demold them and lightly coat with sugar. Putting gummies in the fridge can help them gel up.
  8. Curing Process: After applying a sugar coating to the gummies, allow them to air dry for further curing before packaging. This step helps in preventing the gummies from sticking to each other. Curing can last anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days depending on the ambient conditions and the firmness that is desired.

Limitations and Considerations

This recipe has been tested with gummies up to 20mg per 4 gram gummie. Higher concentrations may require modifications to the recipe. And additional caution to ensure that full homogenization is achieved.

Terpenes can impact the recipe and the curing times. We have heard the certain strains will make gummies that do not set properly. This required R&D to understand which strains are suitable for these single source gummies.

If producing medicine for others always test your edibles with a certified lab to ensure the dosage is correct.

The main variable we suggest playing with to achieve desired firmness is how long you dry the gummies out after giving them the sugar coat.

We may develop a pectin based recipe in the future for those looking for a vegan gummy.

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