How Much ICE do you need to Make Bubble Hash?

adding ice to a hashtek 25t bubble hash agitator

Many producers ask us – how much ice do you need to make bubble hash? Ice is one of the primary ongoing expenditures for solventless hash labs. The below estimates are based on the use of 1.25″ DRAFT ICE which costs us $8/12kg ($0.66/kg) in Canada.

Ice Water AgitatorIce Per Batch (lb / kg)Cost per batch ($)Hash Yield* (lb)
Hashtek 25t110 / 50$33.000.55
Hashtek 65t220 / 100$66.001.375
*Assuming a conservative 2.5% yield from wpff to bubble hash

How much ice do I need to make bubble hash

Note that the split is approximately 30/70 for ice used for the agitator vs ice used in the cold water tank.

Ice Water AgitatorAgitator Ice (lb)Water Tank Ice (lb)Ice Per Batch (lb)
Hashtek 25t3377110
Hashtek 65t66154220
Hashtek at The Smoking Jacket

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