Hashtek Returns to Legends of Hashish III

Flashback to a late November evening in Amsterdam sometime in the early 2000s. In town for a High Times Cannabis Cup, BC Bubbleman and Sam Skunkman thought it’d be fun to host a special dinner for a hand-selected group of hash aficionados.

This simple gathering to share the finest hashish and Lebanese food eventually evolved into one of the most highly regarded and honored hashish traditions: an annual dinner amongst the world’s top makers, who would make the pilgrimage to break bread and celebrate hashish from the world over.

Inspired by that night over 20 years ago, the state-side Legends of Hashish is a celebration of the history of hashish — from its roots in the Middle East to its modern evolutions in North America. 

The inaugural event was held in Los Angeles in 2021, hosted by Addison DeMoura and his team from 800lbs Mantra. Hashtek joined as a sponsor for Legends II, marking the first year where sponsors and cameras were allowed. With deep roots in hashish culture, we jumped on the opportunity which is limited to an invite-only group of companies that share the same values.

Team Hashtek is excited to officially announce that we will be returning to Legends of Hashish III with our California based wholesaler RosinTech! Coming off a recent weekend at The Smoking Jacket in Oregon, we can’t wait to get back to the West Coast for another epic event bringing together some of the best makers, artists, and brands in the hashish community. 

Recap of Team Hashtek At Legends of Hashish II

We had such a great time sponsoring and attending Legends II last year — you can check out the full recap here and see some pictures below.

Highlights included hanging out at the Toro Slurper Lounge, getting Hashtek lattes from the espresso bar, and dabbing entries from the judge’s kit out of custom sand-blasted CARTA 2’s from our friends over at Focus V. Of course, you can’t forget the hash bar where a team of hard-working “hash tenders” were pulling samples of rosin and melt fresh out of freezers all day long.

We also donated one of our A-series machines which was auctioned off after the event and quickly scooped up by RosinTech for their LA-based lab. Since then, they’ve won numerous awards with Hashtek-extracted resin including 1st Place Pre-Roll Deluxe at the 2023 Emerald Cup with their new hash holes. We were actually just at their lab hosting our first Solventless Seminar with Ras Kaya Paul of PNW Roots, so we’re excited to be back in the city soon!

Legends of Hashish III FAQs

Legends of Hashish III will be held on December 2nd and 3rd in Los Angeles. This year the competition will feature entries from 45 makers nationwide with both rosin and melt categories. Saturday evening centers around a traditional Lebanese dinner and Sunday kicks off with a five-star brunch.

Besides incredible food and hash, there’s also a stacked lineup of artists involved. Howdy, who has created several iconic logos and designs for brands and events in the cannabis space, did the poster art. This year’s Creative Director is the infamous Gz1 and Water Boyz 710 will also be there as featured artists to premier Terp Wars 2.

legends of hashish artwork
legends of hashish artwork

When and where is the event?

The event is December 2-3, 2023 at a private venue in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Where can I get tickets?

DM @terphova for ticket info.

What do tickets include?

Tickets for Saturday include a traditional Lebanese dinner with open access to a hash bar stocked with entries from 45 makers. Tickets for Sunday include a brunch with open access to an espresso bar and a hash bar stocked with entries from 45 makers.

Will the Hashtek team be at the event?

Yes, we’ll have a whole crew there — our founder Aleks, Director of Manufacturing Kelly, Pete our sly camera guy and Neil who helps with Hashtek R&D and runs the @maple_budder brand, and our writer Kat of @katadellic.

Will there be live demos of the Hashtek machine?

There will be a Hashtek A-series with a 50a tank set up for demo purposes at our booth. Come by to ask us any questions and see the unit in action, which will also be up for sale after the show at a special price!

Where can I learn more?

DM @terphova or check out the @legendsofhashish Instagram page.

Previous Legends of Hashish Winners

Winners of Legends of Hashish include our very own consultant Ben McCabe who operates a Hashtek 65t and does solventless consulting throughout North America. Check out the full list of previous winners below.

Legends of Hashish I Winners

1st: Ben McCabe & Sours For You – Banana Milkshake

2nd: Ice House Melts – Lemon Dog Shit

3rd: Dammit Bobby – Moonbow

winners of legends of hashish

Legends of Hashish II Winners


1st: Professor Sift – Honey Bananas

2nd: Mega Raw Melts – Zenith

3rd: Secret Society Hash Co. – Zapaya

winners of legends of hashish


1st: Ice House Melts – Zhishkaberry

2nd: Quality Squishes – Rainbow Beltz 2.0

3rd: Gold Country Resin – Durban Sherbert

winners of legends of hashish

Who will join the winner’s circle this year? See you in LA in December to find out…

Hashtek at The Smoking Jacket

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