Solventless Consulting Services

At Hashtek we have a curated network of consultant that are highly experienced in the solventless manufacturing space. They can help you develop a lineup of market ready solventless SKU’s. While we do publish lots of free information on our blog, hiring a consultant can save you thousands in costly errors and help you fast track getting your products to market.

Solventless is the fastest growing segment of the cannabis space. Unlike distillate it is a differentiated product– so you won’t be caught in race to the bottom. Making a quality solventless product is a craft that our consultants have mastered.

Our Services Include:

  • Ancillary Equipment Sourcing
  • Hash Lab Buildouts
  • Production Planning
  • Sourcing genetics that yield for sovlentless
  • SOPs
  • GPP/EU-GMP/FDA/Health Canada Compliance
  • And much more!

Senior Consultant – Ben McCabe

Ben McCabe is a cannabis processing consultant all-around aficionado and internationally recognized award winning hash maker. His Diverse portfolio of expertise includes designing and managing extraction labs and working in cannabis markets in multiple states and countries around the world. He is known for developing and launching brands creating and implementing best practice SOPs and designing state of the art solventless labs.

He has been a key component in the success of several companies in the concentrate space and also has experience as a cultivation consultant on indoor and outdoor grows. Ben most recently served as the director of manufacturing for SHO Labs in Los Angeles where he started and ran production for Rosin Tech Labs and oversaw all Cheeba Chew and Green Hornet production in the state of California from 2017-2022 Ben also regularly does guest lectures for Cornell University’s Hemp Sciences class on the topic of solventless concentrate manufacturing.

Awards include:

  • Dabadoo 2019 Miami – 1st place
  • Ice Water Hash Emerald Cup 2020 2nd place Solventless
  • Rosin Emerald Cup 2020 – 7th Place Solventless Rosin
  • Legends of Hashish 2020 – 1st Place Ice Water Hash

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