Sanitary Cannabis Extraction Equipment manufactured with 304-Stainless.

Solventless extraction produces the highest quality cannabis products. Our mission is to help hashmakers bring clean solventless to the masses. With our equipment you can produce bubble hash, rosin, melt, vape pens and dry sift at scale. We specialize in sanitary design, CIP ready and GPP/EU-GMP/FDA/Health Canada compliant extraction equipment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

For Craft Producers

Hashtek A-Series

Hand picked by our founder Aleks , the legendary bundle is a ready-to-go sanitary ice water extraction system setup for continous recirculation.

A-Series Agitator – Most cost effective sanitary agitator on the market

Collection Tanks – available as standalone products

Sanitary Hoses – FDA grade crimped-end sanitary hoses for water movement

For Commercial Producers

Hashtek T- Series

The tilt series was built for commercial processing labs. With our patented Tip-To-Empty system the agitation tank is mounted on a rotating axis, allowing for easy biomass removal. Sanitary recirculation and rinse pumps come integrated into the system.

Sanitary TIG welded plumbing throughout.

Higher purity hash (no shearing of plant matter from high rpm vortex style mixers)

Made in Canada

Made in Canada

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Easy Biomass Removal

Tip-to-Empty System

With deep roots in the fabrication of commercial breweries, we know that you would not scoop grain out of a mash tun by hand; we see no reason why removing cannabis from an agitation tank should be any different.

Patented Tip-To-Empty system

180-degree rotating tank

Perfectly balanced for easy tipping

Locks in multiple different positions for easy loading & unloading

Hashtek Extracted:

High torque, low speed

Non-Vortex Agitation

As extractors, we know how sensitive trichome heads are. Our systems agitate from the top mimicking hand paddling and preventing trichome damage. Hashtek Ice Water agitators are the only machines that go all the way down to 5 rpm. The gentlest agitation on the market for those chasing full melt.

No bottom mounted fast spinning impellers (high shear)

Patented Tip-To-Empty system

7″ Touch Screen for agitator/pumps

Sanitary Recirculation and Rinse Pumps

6-Star Air Dried Melt by Kaya

Standalone Agitator

Retrofit your Existing Tank

Our A-Series agitators are compatible with a multitude of tanks and can be purchased as standalone agitators. Save money by adding automated agitation to your existing setup.

A-Series fits tanks up to 50 Gallons

A-Series Extra Wide fits tanks up to 65 Gallons

Increase yield and improve consistency by automating your agitation


Our fabrication shop specializes in back purged TIG welding which creates sanitary weld seams

Made in Canada

No duties for US customers due to NAFTA exemption.

Clean in Place

304-Stainless is resistant to common cleaners in the highly regulated cannabis industry including: REZOLVE, SHYIELD, PBW, Oxyclean, 99% ISO and more

Hash Support

Our head extractor is available during regular business hours to support with production questions.

Professional Grade

For crafting his award winning 6-star melt Kaya from Pacific NW Roots chose a Hashtek 65t. Being able to go low and slow with top-down agitation was a must.

The only bubble hash extraction machine designed for full-melt

Trusted by industry professionals

Gentle agitation – protect your heads

Brands that Trust Hashtek Systems

Hashtek Cannabis Tumbler

Our Cannabis Tumbler is the largest on the market, allowing you to process trim or flower into traditional hash at scale.

Stainless steel mesh screen – multiple micron sizes available

Heavy duty – all stainless design

Polycarbonate viewing lid

Adjustable speed & easy solvent based cleaning SOP

Ergonomic, easy-to-use equipment

Our engineering design team works directly with operators from the cannabis industry. Feedback from operators drives continuous improvement in our design.

The industry’s most user friendly equipment.

Tip-to-Dump dry sift drums

Designed to work with the Hashtek Cannabis Tumbler

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If you need help deciding which equipment is best for your need feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

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We have over 25 years experience building breweries, sanitary pharmaceutical, food processing and water treatment plants.


Our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life. Parts like electrical motors are all covered for 1 year. Past this our equipment is highly serviceable and easy to work on.


Hashtek extractors will never leech microplastics into your hash. Our stainless steel is solvent safe and can be easily cleaned in place with our recommended cleaners.

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Hashtek equipment is built to last a lifetime. That is why our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.

Our Difference

Sanitary Equipment

EU GMP/GPP Compatibility

Health Canada Compliant

Built for Scalability


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