Glycol Chiller Calculator

This calculator was developed by Hashtek to help you calculate the amount of time it takes to cool a given amount of water (e.g. in a Cold Water Tank) with a given chiller size, thus helping you size your chiller appropriately for ice water extraction.

Industrial Chiller Options (Commercial Grade)

Much like our extraction systems these chillers are turnkey systems. So little things like glycol bypass valves and recirculation pumps are included and figured out for you. Use the BTU/HR at 28F in the chart below to calculate the ‘time to chill’.

HTC Chillers are setup to communicate with the Hashtek Cold Water Tank relaying important information about glycol temperature and chiller status to you LCD control screen inside of the wash lab.

ModelCapacity @ 28F
230V Single Phase
230V 3 Phase
460V 3 Phase

Penguin Chiller Options (Home Grade)

One of the most cost effective options on the market is the Penguin line of chillers. Glycol recirculation pump not included so you need to be comfortable doing a little DIY rigging. These are retrofitted home AC units designed to work as glycol chillers. I would not install this in a commercial facility but they can be great for home users that are operating on a budget.

Penguin Chiller SizeBTU/hr @ 28F
1/2 HP2,850
1 HP5,000
2 HP10,000
3.5 HP16,250
2 ton12,000
5 ton30,000

How to Use a Glycol Chiller for Ice Water Extraction

Water may be cooled using either a jacketed tank (such as the Hashtek Cold Water Tank) or using the Hashtek Heat Exchanger. Glycol recirculation pump not included with Penguin models.

See this How To Post on Glycol Integration for more information.

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