Craft Cold Water Tank w/ Chiller

CAD $9,035.00CAD $10,985.00

The Hashtek Craft Cold Water Tanks are the perfect companion for the Legendary Bundle giving you cold water on demand.

This is an affordable version of our more industrial cold water tanks. This setup will allow you to get your water down to 32-36F.

Water Chiller

  • Powerful 1.5 HP Compressor
  • Integrated Water Flow Temp Sensor to prevent heat exchanger freeze up
  • LED Controller with Precise Temp Control
  • Integrated Heat Exchanger which is compatible with RO water
  • Ability to Cool 300 Gallons from 70F to 35F in 8-10 hours in our tests
  • Operates best at ambient air temperatures of 45F or higher. We do not recommend placing these chiller outside in cold climates during the winter months. Hashtek Commercial Glycol Chillers do not have this issue.
  • Requires 200-240V single phase. At 230v the power draw is 8.8 amps with the compressor on
  • R410A Refrigerant


Recirculation System

  • Two Hashtek Vortex Pumps included
  • 2x 25″ lengths of food grade hose for recirculation line
  • 1x 15′ length of food grade hose for filling agitation tank or rinse water (depending on your room temp and run line you may still want to use the rinse pump kit and a separate 55 gallon drum filled with ice for your rinse water)
  • Tri-Clamp Fittings, Gaskets, Valves and Adapters necessary for pipe manifold, tank connections and everything else you would need


Water Tank

  • One- Linear Polyethylene Food Grade Vertical Closed Top Storage Tank
  • 300 US Gallon Capacity
  • 35″diameter x 81″high
  • Complete with: 8″ Threaded Access Cap
  • Three – Poly Bulkhead Fitting w/EPDM Gaskets
  • Auto-Shutoff Refill System – no more overfilled tanks if you forget to turn off the water while filling the tank
  • Custom Tank Sizes are available. Contact us for more info


Insulation (optional)

  • 1″ Thick wrap of Armacell Closed Cell Insulation
  • Elastomeric EDMP Material with R-Value 4.2
  • Glued directly on the tank for increased efficiency
  • Completely stops sweating of the tank and provides unparalleled insulation
  • Note this adds 2″ to the outer diameter of the tank (for the 300 gallon this brings it to 37″ OD. Confirm this will fit through your door before ordering
  • You can save some money buying and applying this stuff yourself but fair warning it is quite a pain to do. Contact us and we can give you some pointers if you want to insulate your own tank




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