Mad Chiller’s Recipe: An Innovative Approach to Solventless “RSO”

In the realm of alternative medicine, few stories are as compelling as that of Chad, known as madchillersheadstash on Instagram. Chad’s journey with ‘solventless RSO’ (Rick Simpson Oil) as he calls it has led to remarkable results, including the successful treatment of his mother’s skin cancer. In this post, we’ll explore Chad’s innovative approach and the broader implications for medicinal cannabis.

The Genesis of Solventless RSO

Chad’s story begins on a farm where he and his team were producing ethanol-extracted RSO for patients. This potent extract, rich in THC, was being used in various forms such as tinctures, capsules, and suppositories. However, Chad’s curiosity and dedication to improving patient outcomes led him to experiment with a solventless version of this therapeutic medicine.

“I thought of different ways to incorporate the same concept of a high THC potent extract without using ethanol,” Chad explains. The result was a unique process that involved both decarbed and non-decarbed cannabinoids, combined with rich terpenes to enhance the entourage effect and activate the endocannabinoid system.

The Process: From Spent Rosin Pucks to Potent Medicine

Chad’s method for creating solventless RSO involved soaking pressed pucks in MCT oil at a temperature range of 80-90°F for 30 days. This step allowed for the infusion of cannabinoids into the MCT oil, increasing bioavailability. To further enhance the infusion, Chad employed a sonicator, which helped extract remaining material from the pressed pucks.

This innovative approach yielded a potent medicinal alternative that retained the therapeutic benefits of traditional RSO, originally created as a topical for skin cancer, while eliminating the need for ethanol.

Utilizing Ultrasonic Cleaners for Enhanced Extraction

Chad employed an ultrasonic cleaner. This device uses high-frequency sound waves to agitate the particles in the mixture, significantly improving the extraction process. The ultrasonic cleaner not only helps extract remaining material from the patties but Chad claims also forms a stronger bond with the MCT oil, resulting in a more potent and effective product.

One of the key benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner is its ability to achieve nano-emulsification. Ultrasonic waves produce cavitation bubbles in the liquid medium, generating intense shear forces that break down the droplets of cannabinoids in the oil to nanoscale sizes. This process increases the surface area for interaction between the cannabinoids and the MCT oil, enhancing both stability and bioavailability.

Nano-emulsions created with ultrasonic cleaners can be more stable against gravitational separation, have higher bioavailability, and allow for faster absorption and onset of effects.

A Real-Life Miracle: Treating Skin Cancer

One of the most astounding applications of Chad’s solventless RSO was hearing about how he treated his mother’s skin cancer. Over a period of three weeks, Chad applied the oil topically to the cancerous growth. The results were nothing short of miraculous—the growth disappeared, and it has not returned since.

Beyond Skin Cancer: A Spectrum of Benefits

According to Chad the therapeutic potential of solventless RSO may extend far beyond skin cancer. Chad and his team have seen positive outcomes in patients dealing with various cancers, chronic inflammation, arthritis, asthma, drug addiction, depression, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Chad’s experiments with different strains, particularly sativas like Blue Dream, also revealed intriguing effects on mood and energy levels. Patients reported feeling euphoric and uplifted, with enhanced motivation and movement—an effect that Chad likens to the response one might have to music.


Chad’s journey with solventless RSO underscores the transformative potential of cannabis in treating a wide range of ailments. His innovative methods and patient-centered approach offer hope and healing to many. As the understanding and acceptance of medicinal cannabis continue to grow, stories like Chad’s remind us of the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.

For more detailed insights and updates on Chad’s work, follow him on Instagram at madchillersheadstash.

Editors Note: The information in this blog post is for educational purposes only and is not medical advice. Results may vary and this blog post is based on Chads individual experiences. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment. 

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