Hashtek 85t – Commercial Bubble Hash Extraction System

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The Hashtek 85t is a commercial system designed and built for the professional hashmaker. Turnkey solution for bubble hash extraction. You only need 3 things to get started: water in, power and a drain hose for waste water. Designed to be used by a single operator this unit maximizes efficiency and daily throughput. $60-150k revenue per day. Average payback period of 7 months compared to handwashing (see our ROI calculator for more information). Download Printable Product Spec Sheet [PDF].

** 6-8 week lead time, for in stock agitators see the A-series **


  • Turnkey ICE Water (bubble hash) Extraction Unit
  • Patented tip-to-empty system for effortless emptying of biomass
  • Continuous Recirculation compatible
  • Consider pairing with our Cold Water Tank
  • Sanitary stainless Steel Piping for recirculation, drain, fresh water and rinse water
  • 7″ Industrial LCD with advanced control options
  • Hashtek’s Proven Gentle Top-Down Agitation
  • Interchangeable Paddle (includes ICE paddle)
  • Sanitary 304 SS construction throughout
  • Sealed Washdown safe Electric motor
  • Single Phase 230v FLA/MCA: 13 / 16 (requires 4-wire 230V with neutral)
    • Nema L14-20 Plug
  • Includes VFD speed control with an upper limit of 60rpm
  • Proprietary Hashtek Work Screen eliminating the need for 220u work bags
  • Sanitary Butterfly Valves & Compression Fittings, no exposed threading
  • CIP ready
  • 2x sanitary pumps included (on demand water pump & recirculation pump)
  • 85 Gallon Water Capacity in Agitation Vessel
  • Includes 55 Gallon Collection Vessel
  • Designed to be run by a single operator
  • Gravity Drain for Trichome Rich Water, Sanitary pumps for filtered water
  • Crimped end sanitary hose provided
  • Made In Canada, lifetime warranty on craftsmanship & lifetime support
  • Fastest setup and takedown on the market
  • Available with glycol jacket to reduce ice requirements, or for iceless washing.
  • Theoretical max of 55lb (25kg) wpff capacity per run. Hash makers with a passion for quality typically run 12-15kg wpff per batch
  • Produce up to 5-10 lbs (2-5 kg) of rosin/melt per day (@ $30/gram wholesale $60-150k revenue per day)
  • FDA and Health Canada compliant
  • Optional Add-Ons: (1) Thermometer that measures recirculation water temperature and displays it on screen  (2) Hashtek Iceless paddle (for no ice washes) (3) Clean In Place LID w/ 360 degree spray head (4) neoprene insulating jackets (5) glycol jacketing for iceless washing, (6) Ergonomic Freeze Dryer Tray Holder (please specify size of Freeze Dryer at time of order)
  • The 85t dimensions are 46” x 60” x 91″ (and yes it will fit in a sea-can)
  • Bolt together design – allows you to get the system through small doorways. You only need a 31″ wide door.
  • Agitation Tank Overflow Sensor (optional)
    • Stops agitation tank from overflowing if operator is distracted


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Additional information

Weight 480 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 60 × 96 in

6 reviews for Hashtek 85t – Commercial Bubble Hash Extraction System

  1. Greg Henley

    We have been using this in our Ontario production facility for 3 months now. Amazing machine that was built by hash makers while still being Health Canada compliant.

    During production we wash up to 80 kg of ff per day with a single operator. Can’t beat that efficiency.

  2. Adam from Mission Hill Melts

    I was lucky enough to use this unit for 4 days at the Melting of the Heads event in Washington and it was a great unit. We easily spun 12,000+ WPFF grams with ease. The unit has an excellent onboard control options that will allow you to dial in the agitation. The recirculating pump allows you to move water throughout the unit with ease. For high throughput options we would highly recommend this

  3. Quinn (Professor Q) caliendo

    Great machine. The water movement system is amazing. The agitation controls r very customizable for soft or heavy impact. Was easy to fit 1200 grams with the material loose like I like it. Wanted the top if the slury to mix to the bottom alot more bot unlikely it would mater just something I like to see

  4. Joshua Rutherford/ Dutch Blooms

    Aleks was cool enough to send a unit over for us to demo. We brought in a bunch of hash makers and needless to say everyone was very impressed. The hashtek team has been working hard to put out an affordable unit with all the features. They hit the target 100! Big big ups to the hashtek team.

  5. Corey Cholock / Greybeard

    We were lucky enough to give the Hashtek 65T a spin for a few days and it is a beast! First off, it is relieving to finally see equipment made by hash makers for hash makers and you can tell by the design of the equipment that the Hashtek team knows what’s up. From the fully customizable wash settings, the incredibly thought-out recirculating system, to even the smallest details like having a place to hold your freeze drier tray while collecting. This machine is a hash makers dream! Big thank you to Aleks for bringing it by the farm!

  6. Ras Kaya Paul

    HashTek 65 is a highly functional processing machine. It’s easy to operate and clean. It has allowed us to increase productivity and decrease man hours

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