Hashtek 200t – Mega Scale Bubble Hash Extraction System

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Designed and built for the professional hashmaker operating at extreme scale. Turnkey solution for ice water extraction of trichome heads. You only need 3 things to get started: water in, power and a drain hose for waste water. Designed to be used by a single operator this unit maximizes efficiency and daily throughput. Potential of $150-300k revenue per day. Industrial/Farm scale system designed for processing 176lb of wpff per hour.



  • Turnkey ICE Water (bubble hash) Extraction Unit
  • Patented tip-to-empty system for effortless emptying of biomass
  • Continuous Recirculation compatible
  • Sanitary stainless Steel Piping for recirculation, drain, fresh water and rinse water
  • 10″ Industrial LCD with advanced control options
  • Hashtek’s Proven Gentle Top-Down Agitation
  • Interchangeable Paddle (includes ICE paddle)
  • Sanitary 304 SS construction throughout
  • Sealed Washdown safe Electric motor
  • Includes VFD speed control with 7 parameters for agitator control and customizable recipes.
  • Proprietary Hashtek Work Screen eliminating the need for 220u work bags
  • Sanitary Butterfly Valves & Compression Fittings, no exposed threading
  • CIP ready
  • 2x sanitary pumps included (on demand water pump & recirculation pump)
  • 200 Gallon (757 Litres) Water Capacity in Agitation Vessel
    • Brimful volume of 224 Gallons (850 Litres)
  • Designed to be run by a single operator
  • Gravity Drain for Trichome Rich Water, Sanitary pumps for filtered water
  • Crimped end sanitary hose provided
  • Made In Canada, lifetime warranty on craftsmanship & lifetime support
  • Fastest setup and takedown on the market
  • Available with glycol jacket to reduce ice requirements, or for iceless washing.
  • Biomass capacity of 175 lb (80kg) wpff per run. Iceless washing can increase capacity.
  • Contact us for help with calculating production capabilities
  • FDA and Health Canada compliant
  • Optional Add-Ons: (1) Thermometer that measures recirculation water temperature and displays it on screen  (2) Hashtek Iceless paddle (for no ice washes) (3) Clean In Place LID w/ 360 degree spray head (4) Permanent insulation with stainless cladding (5) glycol jacketing for iceless washing, (6) Ergonomic Freeze Dryer Tray Holder (please specify size of Freeze Dryer at time of order)
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