Hashtek Solventless Seminar FAQs: Ras Kaya Paul from PacificNwRoots at RosinTech Labs LA

Hashtek has always been dedicated to educating our users about the art of hashish and partnering with some of the best makers to innovate in our industry. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to launch our line of Solventless Seminars – teaching the art and science of solventless extraction from the experts!

Each seminar will be hosted in a different location and led by a different maker, highlighting various aspects of the solventless extraction process. The very first seminar will be held at the RosinTech Labs facility in LA and taught by Ras Kaya Paul, covering the ice water extraction process from start to finish. We think this hands-on environment will be the best way to learn and can’t wait to see you all there! In the meantime, here are some FAQs about the event…

hashtek solventless seminar

Where is the solventless seminar?

The state-of-the-art RosinTech labs facility in Los Angeles, California. More info on the location will be sent via email after tickets are purchased.

When is the solventless seminar?

Saturday, September 30th and Sunday, October 1st, 2023.

What is the format of the solventless seminar?

The format will be a two-day, hands-on course covering the following topics:

  • Basics of Genetics and Cultivation for Sustainable Resin Production
  • Harvesting Fresh Frozen
  • Hands-On Ice Water Extraction w/ a Hashtek A-series System
  • Freeze Drying – Optimal Settings
  • Air Drying – Advanced Techniques
  • Melt Vs Rosin
  • Live Hash Rosin Pressing on a RosinTech Press
  • Solventless Forms, Products, and Textures
  • Rosin Carts
  • Cold Cure
  • Packaging and Shelf Stability
  • Q&A with Kaya

How can I reserve my spot?

Tickets are $950.00 and can be purchased here. Your ticket purchase includes:

  • Access to the two-day solventless seminar
  • Merch gift bag from Hashtek, Pacific NW Roots, and Rosin Tech Labs
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • Dinner and networking

Who is Ras Kaya Paul?

Ras Kaya Paul is the Owner and Operator of the legacy brand PacificNwRoots, which was established back in 2010 just as the Washington medical market was getting started. Kaya was born and raised on the Kitsap Peninsula just outside of Seattle, and started working with the plant in the mid 90’s while attending college up near the Canadian border. He grew his passion and knowledge into a successful growing and breeding enterprise, pioneering some of the first brick-mortar collectives in Washington and developing genetics that are now known across the country, such as Kaya’s Koffee. Today, Kaya uses a Hashtek 65t to create his award-winning six star full-melt, and had this to say about using the machine:

“Everybody knows hand washing—there’s a certain beauty and a certain art to it. But it’s also incredibly physically taxing. The Hashtek really marries the machine to the handwashing, in the sense that you’re able to do these real gentle agitations that mimic handwashing. Our production levels have really increased while still keeping the quality there. What more do you want, right? Productivity and quality in one machine. That’s hitting the mark.

PNW Roots award-winning six-star melt, extracted with a Hashtek 65t

Who is RosinTech Labs?

Rosin Tech Products started creating state-of-the-art solventless extraction supplies including their innovative rosin presses back in 2015. In 2018, they established Rosin Tech Labs to craft their own exceptional hash and have since won numerous awards including 1st Place Rosin at Emerald Cup in 2022 and 1st Place Pre-Roll Deluxe at the 2023 Emerald Cup for their new hash holes. The RosinTech team explains why they chose a Hashtek:

“Through the licensing process, we set up our facility and equipped it with the award-winning equipment we have developed and curated. We selected Hashtek for our ice water extraction equipment because of their dedication to gentle and effective top-down trichome extraction. The core principle has always been to make the type of high-quality hash that we would smoke.”

rosintech hash holes
RosinTech Labs award-winning hash holes, filled with Hashtek-extracted rosin

Will there be a Hashtek machine on-site at the seminar I can see in action?

Yes, Rosin Tech Labs is equipped with a Hashtek Legendary Bundle, which is our best selling ice water extraction system.

I have more questions. Where can I get additional info?

Reach out to the Hashtek team on our website or hit us in the DMs. We’re happy to help and hope we see you in LA!

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