Hashtek 50a Legendary Bundle

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The Hashtek 50a Legendary Bundle as hand picked out by our founder Aleks. This is a deluxe combo with everything you need to setup a clean hash lab compatible with continous recirculation. Only thing you need to make sure you have is a sturdy table. The table we use is a food grade equipment table that is 30″ W x 60″ L x 35″ H. 

If you need to process more than 12 kg wpff per batch look into the Hashtek 65a Legendary Bundle

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Included with Legendary Bundle:

  • Hashtek A-series (50 gallon, 7″ LCD Screen)
    • Comes with 50 gallon tank, 50a paddle and 50a sized filter screen
    • Includes Check Valve Kit & Butterfly Valve Kit
  • Hashtek Collection Vessel (50 gallon)
    • Comes with a filter screen so that you can keep ice in the collection vessel underneath your collection bags. Single port rather than dual port like is used for agitation tanks.
    • Add a dolly cart for $399 USD. (option available on collection vessel product page)
  • 3-way valve
    • This allows you to split your filtered water into two directions (1) Recirculate back to agitation tank or (2) drain to waste
    • Typically we recirculate until the water starts to get dirty. Then drain to waste and replace with ice cold water
  • 2x Sanitary Hose (5′ length)
    • If using the Chugger Max pump we recommend getting (1) 1.5″ x 5″ Hose for the feed line and (2) 1″ x 5′ Hose for the outlet
    • If using the Riptide Pump we recommend getting 2x 1″ x 5′ Sanitary Hose
  • Quick Disconnect
    • These are great to use for quickly disconnecting hoses. At the very least we recommend using one at the back of the tank for quickly uncoupling the hose from the check valve. The pro move is to have a quick disconnect at the end of every sanitary hose
  • Bag Spreader
    • This allows you to use a 220u work bag in the 50 gallon agitation tank. The bag spreader pushes the bag down and keeps it from getting caught in the agitation paddle.
    • The bag spreader is not required but some of our customers find that it makes emptying and cleaning the tank easier. The other option is to use a 220u bag in your collection bag spread and catch the small amounts of flower that make it through the Hashtek false bottom there. We find that less than 3% of the biomass typically makes it through the filter screen.
    • Work Bag
      • Custom made 50 gallon work bag (tank liner) for a perfect fit in the Hashtek 50a tank.
      • Food grade nylon, 220 micron
      • v2 strap design
      • Rinse Pump Combo
        • 55 GPM Seaflo Pump
        • 2x 10′ lenghts of 1/2″ Braided Food Grade Tubing
        • Pro Flow Spray Head
        • Quick Disconnect
        • Crimped end fittings
        • No Bulkhead “drinking straw”
        • Spray Head Holder
        • Pre-Soak Screen
          • Pushes material down below the water line for rehydration
          • Great for ice less washing
          • Used for both fresh frozen and dry cured material


        • Additional 30 Gallon Tank
          • Pilot / Pheno Hunt System
          • Nice to have for smaller 1-5 kg fresh frozen batches 
          • Includes 30 Gallon Tank (Dual TC), 30a Paddle, 30a filter screen, 30a tank bracket
          • This system still includes the 50a tank, paddle and screen – this is simply an add on so that you have two wash size vessels to select from depending on batch size.
        • Neoprene Insulating Jackets
          • Increase cooling efficiency by insulating tank/collection vessel
          • Sewn together in Canada from 7mm closed cell Neoprene


        • Recommended Tables:
          • Sanitary
            • Uline H-5689 –  ($720) Deluxe Stainless Steel Worktable with Bottom Shelf – 60″ x 30″ – 750lb Capacity
            • Uline H-3628 – ($1,140) Welded Stainless Steel Workbench – 60″ x 30″ – 1500lb Capacity
          • Non Stainless
            • Uline H-5785S –  ($600) Mobile Steel Assembly Table 60″ x 36″ – 1000lb Capacity
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        Weight 300 lbs
        Dimensions 60 × 48 × 50 in


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