Hashtek Bag Adapter (20 Gallon)


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The Hashtek bag adapter was born to solve the problem of the 44 gallon ‘parachute bag’. Makers told us they wanted to use smaller collection bags (which are easier to clean and handle) without sacrificing water capacity in the collection vessel.

The Hashtek bag adapter allows you to use 20 gallon collection bags in larger 44 or 50 gallon collection vessels. The tripod ring design allows you to pull the bags down tight, ensuring the will never slip.


-Compatible with multiple vessel sizes. Contact us if you need a custom size.

-Food Grade 304-Stainless

-TIG welded

-Made in Canada

-Recommended for use with 20 gallon ‘drawstring’ style collection bags (e.g Rosin Evolution 20-gallon set). If your bags do not have a drawstring you may need to use spring loaded clamps to keep them in place.


Model Of Bag Adapter OD of Vessel (with rolled rim)
Hashtek 50a 24.75”
Hashtek 85t 24”
Bruteless 44 Gallon 24”


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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8 in


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