Hashtek Solventless Seminars

Hashtek Solventless Seminars

Hashtek is proud to announce we are launching a line of Solventless Seminars to teach the art and science of mechanical isolation of trichome heads from the cannabis flower (solventless extraction). If you follow our blog you will know that we are dedicated to education, and we think learning from Kaya in a hands-on environment at RosinTech labs state of the art facility is the best way to do it.

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The Hashtek Solventless Seminars will be taught by Ras Kaya Paul from PacificNwRoots himself.

Video From Seminar #1

Course Format

The format is a two-day hands on course covering:

  • Basics of Genetics and Cultivation for Sustainable Resin Production
  • Harvesting Fresh Frozen
  • Hands-On Ice Water Extraction w/ a Hashtek A-series System
  • Freeze Drying – Optimal Settings
  • Air Drying – Advanced Techniques
  • Melt Vs Rosin
  • Live Hash Rosin Pressing on a RosinTech Press
  • Different Forms, Products and Textures you can make
  • Rosin Carts
  • Cold Cure
  • Packaging and Shelf Stability
  • Q&A with Kaya

About Kaya

Last year our blogger Katherine Wolf featured Kaya in Leaf Magazine detailing The Story Behind Six-Star Hash at PNW Roots showing how Kaya creates his award winning melt using a Hashtek 65t.

Ras Kaya Paul is the owner/operator of the Legacy brand PacificNwRoots (est. 2010) He was born and raised on the Kitsap peninsula outside Seattle. He started working with the plant in the mid 90’s while attending college near the Canadian border and parlayed his knowledge into a successful growing and breeding enterprise, working tirelessly to push the movement forward.

Kaya pioneered some of the first brick mortar collectives in Washington and is known for his staunch advocacy for medical cannabis. He is also the Founder of World Wide Roots a multifaceted canna-business, encompassing world class hash making and internationally renowned seed company and lifestyle brand.

PacificNwRoots currently operates a market leading recreational production and processing operation in Washington state where they grow using sustainable and regenerative organic methods (Dragonfly Earth Medicine Certified). This includes both indoor, outdoor and greenhouse environment’s, specializing in cultivation for resin production.

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