Hashtek & the Legends of Hashish II

Legends of Hashish LA is an invite-only gathering of 150 select guests and 40 of the top hash makers in the United States. The two day event features a fully catered Lebanese menu, legendary merch and most importantly a hash bar with over 55 of the top terpene flavours in the country- primarily in the forms of rosin and full melt.

Early on at Hashtek we committed to sponsoring grass roots events that support the hashish community. This started at Mothership Glass in Bellingham, WA and continues this year with our Sponsorship of Legends of Hashish II – held at secret location in the downtown industrial business district of LA this event has deep roots in hashish culture.

This was the second event held in the United States (where Addison DeMoura and his team from 800lbs Mantra organize the US based events). Legends II (2022) was the first Legends event where cameras were allowed. The elite gathering has deep roots tracing back to Europe where it was founded decades ago by the infamous Marcus Richardson (BC Bubbleman) and Skunkman Sam.

Bubbleman’s idea behind Legends was to bring together the best heads in hash making – a nod to the hash making processes which isolates “just the [trichome] heads” from everything else.

What is the Legends of Hashish?

Simply put, The Legends of Hashish Dinner is a celebration. It’s a moment to reflect upon the entire history of hashish, from it’s roots in the Middle East to its newest evolution in North America.

In late November, sometime in the early 2000’s, coinciding with a High Times cannabis cup in Amsterdam, BC Bubbleman, and Sam the Skunkman decided to have a dinner with some of the highest regarded Hash Aficionados to celebrate and share the finest hashish and Lebanese food. A simple gathering that would evolve into the most highly regarded and honored hashish celebration of all time.

This dinner became an annual tradition amongst the world’s hash makers, making the pilgrimage to Europe to break bread and share hashish from the world over.

From the Founder

“Legends of Hash was started way back in early 2000’s in Amsterdam during the Cannabis cup put on by High Times. I was sitting over at Skunkman Sam’s house and we were discussing how cool it would be to have a special dinner for hashish aficionados. We could hand pick the top hash lovers who showed up at the cup ( almost like putting everyone into giant bubblebags and filtering everyone out but the 90u people ???? ). Eventually Rob Clarke and Michael Ritch got involved. The first one really was just something we put together for ourselves more than anyone. The dinner was at the Lebanese Restaurant THE ARTIST. This place was owned by Simone a good friend of both Sam and Rob’s. He was very cool and would let us puff in the restaurant during business hours. So, we chose that place to throw Legends of hash I. 50 tickets were created, and because Michael was very connected into the underground a lot of incredible old school hash smugglers showed up. This created the NO CAMERA NO PHONE policy, as some (of the smugglers) were wanted. I took about 40 of the remaining tickets and would ask people to show me the hash they planned on showing up with.

It was just about having great hash and loving hash, that would end up getting you your ticket. I loved this because it didn’t matter who you were, what company you were with or not with. The truth came from the PURITY and QUALITY of the hashish that you showed up with. Eventually Syd would get invited with his hubbly bubbly collection from Afghanistan and one of the pipes would get used. This all happened very organically and naturally but We would line up to the hubbly bubbly while Sam was dumping his pure 99.9999% head ratio Dry sift into the bowl with characters like Hashbean lighting it up and creating a giant foot and half plus long flame coming out of the bowl. This became one of the special memories for people who would come to Legends. Hitting the 100 plus year old afghani hubby bubbly. The entire price of the ticket would go into the party itself and any leftovers we would donate to the cannabis college in Amsterdam owned by Eddy . The night consisted of a dinner and incredible hash smoking. We asked people not to promote themselves to much over the course of the evening either, as it was the ONE night we could gather and hang and enjoy one another without the endless promotions. Pulling a camera out was an automatic removal from party. (no one ever did this thank goodness ) Eventually Legends would expand to Vancouver, and Barcelona but in Amsterdam we threw at least 10 of them maybe more.”

Marcus Richardson (BC Bubbleman)

Legends Of Hashish 2022

Evolution of Legends

Global perception towards Cannabis has started to shift, and Legends is keeping up with the times. 2022 marked the first year where sponsors and cameras were allowed. As Cannabis becomes legal we can come out of the shadows without fear of persecution. At Hashtek we jumped on the opportunity to sponsor this legendary event. Sponsorship was limited to an invite only group of companies the embody the values of the event, putting hash quality and community above profits.

Hashtek Legends of hashish A-series setup

Hashtek was a natural fit for sponsorship. We are a small company with local manufacturing, affordable products and a deep love for hashish and its culture. We donated one of our highly popular A-series machines which was auctioned off after the event. The A-series unit was quickly scooped up by the team at RosinTech for their LA based solventless lab. Here is a video of the unit in action after we set it up in their cold room:

The Hash Bar

One of the best parts of being at Legends is the hash bar. A team of hard working hash tenders tirelessly works the chest freezers, pulling out fresh samples of rosin and melt for attendees to enjoy.

Legends Winners

Previous winners of Legends of Hashish include our very own consultant Ben McCabe who operates a Hashtek 65t. Ben McCabe does consulting work throughout North America

2022 Winners


1st Honey Bananas – Professor Sift
2nd Zenith – Mega Raw Melts
3rd Zapaya – Secret Society Hash Co.


1st Zhishkaberry – Ice House Melts
2nd Rainbow Beltz 2.0 – Quality Squishes
3rd Durban Sherbert – Gold Country Resin

2021 Winners

1st Ben McCabe & Sours for you – Banana Milkshare (Sacred Geometry Farms)
2nd Ice House Melts – Lemon Dog Shit – Natural Selections
3rd Dammit Bobby – Moonbow – Archive

Video Recap – Legends Of Hashish II

note: sound is muted by default

More on Legends

The boys at Beard Bros Pharms did an excellent job covering Legends II. Check out their article for more reading material on this legendary event.

Legends of Hashish Sponsor List

Hashtek at The Smoking Jacket

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