Solventless Seminar: Special Guests Q&A Part 1

Our next Solventless Seminar is going down on March 2nd and 3rd, led by Ras Kaya Paul of Pacific Northwest Roots at the state-of-the-art Rosin Tech Labs facility.

At the event, you’ll be able to completely immerse yourself in various topics on solventless extraction — all the way from seed breeding for hash plants to shelf stability for rosin jars —with courses led by some super special guests.

These guests are experts in their respective fields and excited to share their passion and knowledge with seminar attendees! We sat down with a few of them to get the inside scoop on what they’ll be covering during their sessions, plus what else they’re looking forward to in LA…

hashtek solventless seminar

The first is Dave from 1904 Provisions, who we recently interviewed for our Hash Maker Q&A Series on the blog! This brand is crushing the hash scene in Southern Cali, putting “San Diego in a jar” with locally-inspired flavors like SFV OG and Alcatraz.

Next, we heard from HashCru, the creator of the first-ever hash wrap tool kit. We say over at team Hashtek that 2024 is the year of the hash wrap…

Finally, we got to chat with Chris from the Rosin Tech Labs team. With three A-series systems in his washroom, he is definitely an expert on all things ice water extraction using Hashtek equipment.

Be sure to stay tuned for part two of the Q&A with more guest experts who will be teaching at the Solventless Seminar, including Humphrey Hashish and Mendo Budsmith!

Can you give a little sneak peek into what you’ll be covering during your Solventless Seminar session?

Dave from 1904 Provisions: I’ll be covering a basic foundation of genetics with a select handful of breeders that I’m familiar working with and whose results I’ve experienced personally. I’ll go into my ratios I use when I do pheno hunts of large runs of plants that I don’t have data on and how I offset my average yield with a certain amount of known washers. The point of this is so I don’t lose a ton of money trying to find new washers.

I’ll also talk about some physical attributes you can look for in touch-testing your flower’s resin for production and attributes you should steer clear of. Also, the jar tech we use and how we just opt for doing a total test wash instead of the jar for more rounded data.

Finally, I’ll go over my harvesting SOP’s for when to defoliate before harvest and what degree to defoliate. What style of box I use with a bin liner for the frozen flowers and why dry ice is added to the bottom of the box under an additional cardboard layer. How to achieve more streamlined bucking for fresh frozen with a tool you can make at home. And tips for long term storage — what can go wrong that you should be aware of.

HashCru: At the hash wrap seminar, we’ll take the first 15 minutes to debate who invented the hash wrap and who makes the best ones. In the event that we can’t reach a conclusion, the winner will be decided in a break dance battle. Whoever receives the most laughs takes it all!

Then we’ll move on to the actual important stuff, including:

  1. History of the hash wrap.
  2. Material selection and chemistry in making a wrap. What’s happening on a molecular level when pressing/forming the wrap.
  3. Techniques to press a wrap: bottle tech, clothing iron, rosin press, and a brief talk about using a laminator, as well as other possible technologies for making wraps.
  4. Forming a wrap using the cone tool kit and rolling by hand.
  5. Curing wraps.
  6. Storage shelf life.
  7. Consuming wraps.

Chris from Rosin Tech Labs: I’ll be covering ice water extraction using a Hashtek A-series Extra Wide. During my session, we’ll go over everything from the basics like loading the machine and care for the material throughout the wash, to more advanced techniques involving bag control and the proper handling of wet hash.

What else are you looking forward to about the seminar? Is there another session you’re excited to see or something you want to learn while you’re in LA?

Dave from 1904 Provisions: I’m definitely excited to listen to everyone teaching at the seminar. There’s so much good knowledge to be soaked up from all of the speakers.

I’m also excited to hang out with my friends who will be in town from different parts of the US and other countries. A lot of good hash and good food will be going down for sure.

HashCru: All of them! I believe that everything can be pushed to the next level and there is no summit or peak to what we are doing. There’s a ton of knowledge and experience from everyone involved in teaching the different sections. I’m excited to be a part of that exchange of knowledge and information.

I can’t wait to discover new things, ideas, and gain from the experience that everyone is bringing — including the participants. Everyone will be bringing different perspectives and ideas that will help us all take our craft to the next stage in our pursuit of making the best solventless products.

I’m interested to see what Humphrey has to say about freeze drying. I’m always amazed how little people really understand about freeze drying hash and I hear he has a lot of knowledge.

I’m also excited to see other seasoned expert hash makers wash. I’m originally from a state that has some really harsh laws and I was not open about any of the work I did. I started washing by talking to a guy in Vancouver who I used to buy bags from back in 2005 and from reading about it. I never actually washed with anyone who had experience back then, so I’m sure I started with bad habits.

Chris from Rosin Tech Labs: I’m really looking forward to helping further the freeze drying SOP conversation. As we’ve been able to implement some of Humphrey Hashish’s SOP’s at a large scale, its been really cool to see and taste higher terpene content in our dried hash.

Being born and raised in SoCal, I’m just looking forward to showing people some local spots hopefully. If you’re in town early, don’t be afraid to reach out for some cool food or smoke spot suggestions!

How are these kinds of educational and networking events helpful? What do you think the value is for craft solventless makers to attend?

Dave from 1904 Provisions: These events are critical for the industry and its evolution! Not saying any one of the speakers holds the key or the way, but all of them are well-experienced and have a lot to offer to anyone who wants to attend and listen and learn from people’s personal experiences.

To me, nothing can beat a personal experience you can share with someone where they can potentially learn from your mistakes and save a lot of time and money on their own ventures.

HashCru: These events are important to the industry and for craft makers because when we get out and talk about what we are doing, share our ideas and techniques, it allows our collective knowledge to be used to help us come up with new ideas and to take our craft to the next level.

Chris from Rosin Tech Labs: This is a really cool space Sam and our team here at Rosin Tech Labs have created. Bringing so many hash makers and growers together under one roof is bound to be a terpy time.

Even as an instructor, after the last seminar, I went home with new techniques to implement into my daily routine, a grip of new friends, and a positive outlook on where we are as a community. Beyond stoked to see what this one brings for all of us.

Check out some highlights from our very first Solventless Seminar below…

You can find more information about this event in our Second Solventless Seminar FAQs blog or purchase tickets here. Don’t wait — spots are extremely limited with only 24 available and the first class fully sold out.

Your ticket includes access to the two-day seminar, a gift bag filled with merch goodies from Hashtek, PNW Roots, and Rosin Tech Labs, plus all meals and a special networking dinner on the 2nd.

You’ll also get the unique experience of seeing the Hashtek Legendary Bundle in action at Rosin Tech’s lab — and if you purchase your own A-series system within 30 days of the seminar, the full amount of your ticket will be refunded.

See you soon for part two of this Q&A series! In the meantime, stay hashy.

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