What is Six-Star Hash + Explaining The Star Rating System

Not all hash is created equally! A plant’s genetics, growing environment, and post-harvest handling — then the techniques and craftsmanship used in the lab — will all contribute to the quality of the hash it will end up producing. 

So how is that quality rated?

What is Six-Star Hash? The Star Rating System Explained

Hash is rated on a scale from one to six stars, with six-star being the absolute cream of the crop.

Here’s a breakdown of each tier within the star rating system for solventless hash.

One-Star Hash

The lowest grade of the spectrum that contains the highest percentage of unwanted materials (like particulate matter, dust, and pieces of plant material). This is often the result of poor handling or aging of starting material. A one-star hash has no melt.

Two-Star Hash

A slight improvement in quality with better resin content than one-star hash, but still contains noticeable impurities and plant matter. 

Key takeaway: One and two-star hash generally contains materials that are left behind after being heated instead of fully vaporizing, so it’s not recommended for dabbing. These tiers are most commonly used for cooking edibles and are generally darker in color, sometimes brownish or even slightly emerald, due to the amount of plant material they contain.

Three-Star Hash

Mid-range in the spectrum, a three-star hash represents an average quality. Unlike a one or two-star that leaves behind lots of impurities or a six-star that leaves no residue after being heated, it will leave just small traces of leftover material. So, the term “half-melt” is often used to describe hash in this range. It is best suited as a topping for a bowl of flower or rolled into a joint. 

Four-Star Hash

Four-star hash is the entry-level quality of hash that is fit to actually dab. It’s well-processed with fewer impurities and a higher concentration of trichomes but is mostly used as a starting material for pressing rosin. 

Key takeaway: Three and four-star hashes are the most common quality ratings you’ll find on the market because five and six-star require primo starting material and expertise in the lab to make. Many times three and four-star hashes are pressed into rosins for further filtration before they are consumed.

Five-Star Hash

We’re getting there! Five-star hash can be dabbed as is although it is still often pressed into rosin. Showcasing exceptional processing and high purity, it almost totally melts away on a quartz banger. Anything that is left behind will get pushed to the outer perimeters, creating a ring of residual oils and contaminants around the resin. So, it’s still not a full melt hash since the contaminants don’t completely melt away. 

Six-Star Hash

At the very pinnacle of quality is six-star hash, also known as full melt. It represents a pure, almost crystalline product that will melt as completely as rosin does. It should be dabbed as is and there’s really no reason to press this stuff further. In addition to being extremely clean, six-star hash is known for creating a superior flavor and smoking experience because it retains as much of the plant’s profile as possible.

Key takeaway: Five and six-star hash are most often the choice of connoisseur dabbers seeking a top-tier experience. While harder to come by and sold at a higher price point, the flavor expressions, depths of aroma, and enhanced effects are well worth it. The main difference between five-star and achieving a true six-star is that six-star should leave absolutely no residue on the dabber or nail when vaporized — hence the name “full melt.”

The Six-Star Hash Rating System in The Words of Ras Kaya Paul

Ras Kaya Paul is known for his six-star hash that has pulled award wins nationwide, which he extracts using a Hashtek commercial system.

Kaya worked with some of the first brick-and-mortar Cannabis collectives out in Washington while building a successful growing and breeding enterprise, becoming a pioneer in breeding specifically for hash plants. Some of his most well-known six-star strains are Kaya’s Koffee, Strawberry Yogurt, GMO, and Hamma Hamma. 

We did an entire blog on how Kaya grows, harvests, and washes for six-star — and this is how he broke down the basics in his own words: 

“Your one-star is going to be your ‘No Melt, Nebraska.’ Two-star is kind of the same thing, three and four-star are good for pressing into rosin. Five-star is going to melt, it’s going to dab, but it’s going to leave a lot or at least some char residue in the banger. When dabbing six-star, it’s going to fully melt like water and there’s going to be only a very slight bit of the waxy residue left in your banger.

I find six-star to have a more rounded effect. It’s gonna get you a little more stoned and that stone will last longer. Think of it this way: if you’re dabbing BHO, it’s like a shot of espresso, right? You’re gonna sweat, you get hot, and you’re up and you’re down quickly. Rosin is still like a shot of espresso, but you’re feeling it in a bit more balanced way. It’s a full-body experience rather than that quick jolt to the brain. Six-star hash is just that at its peak level—it’s really the pinnacle of hash and what we’re doing.”

Determining The Quality of Your Hash

There are a few steps you can take and questions to ask yourself to determine where your hash falls within the star rating system. 

  1. How transparent are the resin glands after being at room temperature for at least a few hours?
  2. Look at your hash with a high-definition microscope. What is the ratio of fully intact trichome heads vs. stalks? How clean is the hash overall — can you see contaminants such as dirt specs or plant matter?
  3. Preferably using a quartz nail, do a melt test to determine how much residue is left behind after smoking. Wipe down the nail with a Q-tip and look to see what residue if any has transferred. 

If your hash is free of contaminants, composed entirely of fully intact trichome heads, and leaves no residue behind on a quartz nail, you’ve got yourself some six-star hash!

If it doesn’t meet any one of these criteria, it is not considered a true six-star full melt and will fall somewhere else on the spectrum.

Overall, all hash has its place and can be appreciated in its own ways for what it is — whether it’s going into solventless edibles, pressed into rosin, or being enjoyed as the pinnacle, purest form of hashish in six-star.

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