Solventless Product Catalogue

The Solventless Product Catalogue is intended to be a comprehensive list of all of the products that can be made using solventless extraction methods. If you are unfamiliar with the solventless process please review our article – What is Solventless?

Hash Rosin

Hash rosin is my favourite extract, it is a true full spectrum extract and there is a wide catalogue of products you can make from hash rosin. To make hash rosin you first need to know how to make bubble hash (aka Ice Water Hash). You use Ice, Water, Agitation and 25 – 220 micron (μ) filter screens to separate plant matter from trichomes. The trichomes (often called bubble hash at this stage) are then dried and pressed into hash rosin.

The Hash rosin above is cold cured, and is used as a starting point in many of the extraction methods below.

Full Melt

Full melt (aka Ice Water Extract, Water hash, 5-star and 6-star hash) is a notch above hash rosin, and requires an even tighter cold supply chain from plant to dab. It is just bubble hash with a tighter fraction (e.g. 90-119u or sometimes even 160-189u depending on the cultivar) with no secondary refining process (pressing into rosin). Usually only the first or second pull. It is all heads, melty deliciousness. The true cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis extracts.

I argue that Hashtek machines are the only commercial machines capable of making full melt at scale due to the extremely gentle agitation our water agitators provide.

Full melt guide coming soon.

Rosin Carts

Rosin carts when done correctly are the best vape carts money can buy. Producers must be careful to only use hash rosin with very low lipid content to prevent a burning taste from the atomizer.

Solventless Creams

THCa has potent anti-inflammatory properties, and terpenes are powerful solvents that can help penetrate the transdermal layer. This makes solventless products an excellent base for making cannabis infused creams.


THCa is the distillate of solventless products. Good to know how to make and useful as a constituent to other products but not amazing on its own. It is the mechanical separation of THCa from terpenes and other compounds via cold pressure.

Rosin Jam

Rosin Jam is a very interesting product. Great consistency for cold weather and can help mellow out strong terps into something more manageable. I love having rosin jam on the go at all times.

THCa w/ Rosin Jam

THCa with Rosin Jam is perhaps best done by Eric Simpsons from Simpson Solventless with his delicious looking solventless donuts. This follows the same process as making THCa but you go one step further by putting the THCa in a mold. The sauce (which is a byproduct of THCa separation) is then drizzled overtop. Instructional post coming soon.

Flan (Deconstructed and Reconstructed Rosin)

Flan is a term coined by Blue River Terps. The name is proprietary but the method is not. The key behind flan is to deconstruct rosin using mechanical methods, and then reconstruct it in a high 12%+ terpene blend. Instructional post coming soon.

Dry Sift

Dry sift is extracted using a cannabis tumbler. It is typically processed into traditional hash (via hot wine bottle or meat grinder at scale). It can be sold on it its own though this is not a very useful product format. Typically further processing is required. Mixing dry sift into pre-rolls is a great way to boost cannabinoid percentage.

Traditional Hash

Traditional hash usually has a malleable texture that can be worked into snakes, temple balls and bots. Some varieties of hash are more crumbly than sticky, which can be a result of many different factors. If you want your hash to be more sticky use more heat during processing. This will decarb more of the THC and contribute to a stickier hash, VS one that is predominantly THC-A.

Freeze drying also contributes to crumbly hash, which is why tumbled dry sift can have advantages over ice water for traditional hash production.

Common processing methods are via Hot Wine Bottle or Meat Grinder.

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