How to Make Hash Rosin Carts

Rosin carts (or live rosin vape carts) are one of the most delicious ways to enjoy cannabis on the go. In traditional CO2 or Ethanol derived vape carts you need an expensive distillation and winterization line to make vape carts. This is because crude co2 extract is waxy and solvents must be used to remove it.

Crude co2 oil from vitalis
waxy “crude” co2 extract

These waxes must be removed through a process called winterization – where the oil is mixed with ethanol, brought down to -40 and then filtered through 1 to 5 micron filters. This process involves large expenditure into ethanol mixing tanks, chillers to cool the ethanol, ethanol recovery systems and a distillation line. A fully setup like this costs upwards of $500,000 and is often in the millions for licensed facilities. Terpenes are also lost through the CO2 extraction process and thus must be added back in, commonly in the form of fake botanical terpenes.


Rosin carts make vape cart production accessible to any producer, no matter the size. I have made vape carts at home with less than $500 in equipment. Plant matter is removed from the equation through the bubble hash extraction process. The waxes are then removed by pressing the bubble hash into hash rosin (the waxes are left behind in the pressed puck).

Hash rosin de-waxing
mechanical de-waxing done via the hash rosin pressing process

Finally the hash rosin is decarboxylated using simple jar tek, which is essentially using a mason jar as a pressurized reactor. From there the only step remaining is to load the decarbed hash rosin into vape carts using a syringe.


Yes it really is that easy and the real kicker is that you end up with a better product than CO2 extracts because a wider spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids is preserved (unlike with CO2 where terpenes need to be added back in during a re-formulation step).

Items Needed:

  • Vape Carts
    • CCell, O2 Vapes, Pax etc
  • Glass Syringe
  • Decarbed Rosin
  • Halogen Lamp (to keep oil warm during filling)

Start by following the bubble hash tek to turn your plant matter into bubble hash.

bubble hash

Next follow the hash rosin tek to press this bubble hash into a de-waxed hash rosin.

bubble hash being pressed into hash rosin

Then follow our jar tek to decarb the rosin.

Hash rosin being de-carbed

The transformation never ceases to amaze me. You may be a bit concerned about putting a jar of rosin into the oven but trust me it works.

If you are using previously decarbed rosin re-heat it just enough to get it to get it flowable enough to fill the syringe. Too cold and it won’t flow. Too hot and you will degrade the rosin and volatize off precious terpenes. It is a fine line when it comes to pre-heating the rosin. Only heat as much as you need to and work quickly when the jar is open. Quickly close the jar when not in use.

The process for making rosin carts really does not get much simpler. Use the glass syringe to suck up the oil. I prefer to fill only 0.5g carts as I find there is little benefit to 1g carts. Remember that there will always be trace lipids left remaining in the rosin. These will build up in the atomizer, and with large 1g atomizers may foul the atomizer towards the latter half vape cart. Use a halogen lamp to keep everything warm during filling. If the syringe cools down the oil will not flow out. Unlike a hash room the filling room should be on the warmer side.

rosin cart syringe filling

When you first fill up the cart it may be full of bubbles as shown below.

This is quite common and nothing to worry about. After sitting for 24 hours the bubbles will settle out. This can be accelerated by adding light heat.

That is all there is to it. Contact us if you have any difficulty with this process or need help sourcing vape carts for your production line.

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