Melting of the Heads Conference – July 15/16 – Bellingham, WA

Authors Note: Regrettably, we are no longer supporting Melting of the Heads. See here for more information from the Hashtek team.

The Melting of the Heads conference is bringing together the top cultivators and extract artists in the world to connect with the community and share their collective knowledge & experiences. The show is a combination of two leading edge ideas in cannabis – Regenerative Farming and Solventless Extraction.

Hashtek has decided to sponsor the conference because the founders share our passion for hash and its connection to humanity. This is going to be an amazing event and if you work in the cannabis industry the ROI will be well worth it. We’re going to have a number of top hash makers washing our on 65t system, giving feedback for us to further improve our equipment. This is all part of our quest to develop the most user friendly hash equipment in the world.

As we’ve discussed on our How to Grow your Brand with Solventless post – solventless is the future. Investing in this holistic method of terpene and cannabinoid separation will allow you to differentiate you brand. Crafting solventless products will keep you from having to compete on price with commoditized products like distillate- a sure fire race to the bottom.

Melting of the Heads – Special Guests

Ticket Sales

Tickets can be purchased directly from the regenerative seeds website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the cost of a ticket?

The cost of a ticket for the Melting of the Heads confrence includes the following:- Access to Dutch Blooms Farm on Friday, July 15th, food and beverages will be served.- Access to Mothership Glass Studios on Saturday July 16th from 10am, food and beverages will be served.- Access to Mothership Glass Studios on Sunday July 17th starting at 10am, food and beverages will be served.- A gift bag with products provided by a number of our sponsors.

When is the event taking place?

July 15th, 16th, and 17th

Will there be live demos of the Hasktek machine at the event?

The Hashtek 65t along with owner of the company will be at the event however there will not be live demos available but we will be showing a video that will take us through w cycle utilizing the Hashtek machine.

Q. Will the Clearly Gold Big Kahuna Rosin Press be available to see at the event?


Q. Where is the event taking place?

On Friday July 15th, the event kicks off just north of Bellingham in Ferndale, WA.On Saturday, July 16th, the event takes place at Mothership Glass Studio.On Sunday, July 17th, the event takes place at Mothership Glass Studio.

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