SHWALE’s High-Yield Hash Strains: Farmhouse Studio Genetics

At the heart of SHWALE’s innovative journey is the Farmhouse Studio, a name that has become synonymous with pioneering genetics breeding, especially for hash production. We had the pleasure of meeting the masterminds behind Farmhouse Studio at the Smoking Jacket event in Portland, Oregon, in 2023. Their booth was a hub of activity, complete with a dab station and an array of macro photographs that were as informative as they were beautiful. They showcased their expertise by providing full melt samples from their extensive genetic lines, a dream come true for any hash producer. We were particularly impressed with their papaya strain, which we plan to incorporate into our hugel garden for the next season.

Delving into SHWALE’s World: A Fusion of Artistic Photography and Specialized Cannabis Breeding

SHWALE’s world is where the beauty of cannabis is not just captured through the lens but is also cultivated and refined in the genetics lab of Farmhouse Studio. Their cannabis macro photography is more than just art; it’s a gateway to understanding the intricate beauty of cannabis strains that have been meticulously bred for their resin potential. Each photograph in their collection is a testament to the unique characteristics that Farmhouse Studio’s strains possess, highlighting the vibrant colors and textures that make their high-yielding hash strains so exceptional.

As SHWALE themselves state, “We’ve been non-stop growing for 12 years, 10 years solventless, 5 years breeding. We started breeding with mainly longstalks and shortstalks in mind for hash and flower.” This dedication is evident in their pursuit of perfection in hash strain development.

Farmhouse Studio: A Cradle for High-Resin Cannabis Genetics

Farmhouse Studio stands as a beacon of innovation in the cannabis genetics field. The team’s relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the creation of strains that are not just visually stunning but are genetically engineered to maximize hash yield. Their breeding practices are a blend of time-honored horticulture and avant-garde genetic research, resulting in a catalog of cannabis strains that are specifically designed for hash production.

Explaining their approach, SHWALE shares:

We started breeding with mainly longstalks and shortstalks in mind for hash and flower. After breeding with already known washers we noticed ‘Sugar Coat’ was displaying weakneck traits. We learned that abscission is a term for a zone where the cells detach or break on a plant, so we were able to do more research on this. Once we got started down the correct scientific article path it was easy to find more and more info about cannabis trichomes and just trichomes in general. That’s when we started getting more into measuring glands than just looking at their noticeable traits. Thinking it would be possible to selectively breed glands larger making them much more productive for hash.

So now we’re breeding for shortstalks, weakneck/thin-neck, and larger gland size; on top of all the normal flavor and flowing traits. We use our 5x photos as a good way to determine gland size average quickly. We later chose to outbreed our ‘Sugar Shack’ with ‘GMO’ because of its large glands with thin-neck trait creating ‘JOMO’ aka the Joy Of Missing Out. 

We also do the normal hash jar tests, and we personally grow and wash each strain before releasing them. We have also seen an upward trend in gland size and coverage by our selective breeding through these methods. 

Our newest line Diamond Glands, is showing the abscission trait. More info on this drop will be coming soon. 

trichome weak neck trait

Conservation Through Cultivation: SHWALE’s Genetic Preservation Efforts

SHWALE’s work extends beyond breeding for yield; it’s also about preserving the genetic tapestry of cannabis. Each strain developed at Farmhouse Studio is a living library of genetic information, safeguarded through sustainable breeding practices. This dedication to genetic preservation is crucial in maintaining the diversity and vitality of cannabis strains, ensuring that the full spectrum of their potential can be explored and enjoyed by future generations.

Cultivating More Than Plants: SHWALE’s Community Engagement

The vision of SHWALE transcends the realms of photography and genetics; it’s about nurturing a community where knowledge about high-yielding hash strains is shared and celebrated. Through educational initiatives and interactive events, SHWALE fosters a space for enthusiasts to connect and expand their understanding of cannabis cultivation, particularly focusing on the nuances of breeding for hash production.

In essence, SHWALE and Farmhouse Studio are at the forefront of a movement that marries the aesthetic appreciation of cannabis with the scientific pursuit of breeding superior hash strains. Their work not only showcases the splendor of cannabis in microscopic detail but also propels the industry forward with strains that promise both beauty and bounty.

SHWALE elaborates on their latest developments, “Our newest line Diamond Glands, is showing the abscission trait. More info on this drop will be coming soon.”

Here’s to SHWALE and Farmhouse Studio: where the quest for the perfect hash strain is an art form, a science, and a tribute to the natural wonders of cannabis genetics.

Hashtek at The Smoking Jacket

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  1. So good , love what Shwale and Farmhouse is doing !!
    Stoked to try their genetics one day !
    They really got my interest back into this plant . Can’t thank them enough for the work they do !!

    Great article!!
    Diamond Glands are gonna be interesting!! Looking forward to what they release in 2024!!


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