Hashtek 65a Tank + Paddle Add-On Kit

CAD $5,200.00

This kit is designed to be an add on for the A-series. For people who already have our A-series agitator but would like to add a secondary different sized tank. Comes with dual TC tank, false bottom, paddle and back brace.


  • Kit Includes
    • 65 Gallon 304SS Tank
    • Dual TC outlets on Tank
    • 65a Custom Fabricated and TIG Welded 304SS Paddle
    • 65a False Bottom
    • Back Brace Adapter
  • Capacity
    • The 65a tank can process between 10-15 kg wpff with a MAX of up to 20k fully loaded

** Please note you must have the A-Series Extra Wide to accommodate the larger 65 gallon tank. Also note that for this larger tank we do recommend a 36″ wide table rather than the standard 30″ table. The table should be rated for a capacity of mi 750 – 1,000 lbs due to all the water weight of this larger tank size.

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