Our Partners and Friends

Below is a list of trusted Hashtek partners and associates operating in the licensed cannabis space.

Evolved Extraction

Evolved is a premium end-to-end extraction equipment, solutions & supply partner. Evolved sells Hashtek equipment for solventless extraction and is a true one-stop-shop for anyone looking to setup a licensed cannabis extraction lab. In addition to solventless they are well versed in solvent based extractions (e.g Hydrocarbon, ethanol etc).

 Rooted in Canada to serve an emerging global marketplace, they equip leading licensed cannabis processors with customized extraction equipment and provide ongoing support through our large inventory of extraction parts, solvents and processing inputs.

[email protected]

800lbs Mantra

Addison Demoura and his team are close friends of ours. From hosting the USA based Legends of Hashish to being one of our US distributors they are good friends. They also own the Pyramid Pipeline where they specialize in helping connect dots in the solventless fresh frozen supply chain.

Rosin Evolution

Rosin evolution manufactures our custom 50 gallon work bags. We also carry their 20 gallon – 8bag collection set which works great with our 20 gallon bag adapter.

Mission Hill Melts

Adam and Hana from Mission Hill Melts are good friends of ours. They currently run a Hashtek 50a in their lab. Adam has a ton of experience with his A-series system and if you a nice to him he may give you some tips and best practices 😉

Good Life Gang

The Good Life Gang (run by Dustin Powers aka Future4200) is a collection of like minded individuals that love good hash, good food and good people. Good life gang members are eligible for discounts on Hashtek equipment. Contact Dustin for more information.

Pacific NW Roots

Kaya from Pacific NorthWest Roots is an award-winning hash maker that runs a Hashtek 65t. Kaya is a good friend of ours. He is a master of air-dried full melt which he extracts with his Hashtek system. Kaya is also a breeder of genetics that wash, best known for his Koffee strain which has always been a dumper in my experience.

Hashtek equipment is built to last a lifetime. That is why our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.

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