The Hashtek Heady Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — unless you’re stuck on what the most wonderful gift would be for that special someone on your list. Let’s face it…even after a few dabs, holiday shopping can be stressful.

The Hashtek Heady Holiday Gift Guide is here to save the day! 

Featuring all of my honest favorites (that’s right — no ads, sponsors, or paid product placements) hand-curated into categories based on interests, plus a quick round-up of must-have dab accessories and stocking stuffers.

There’s a little something for everyone. As long as they love hash.

Artwork courtesy of Hash Brain

The Heady Collector

Wil Glass Mini Tubes

Based out of Santa Barbara, Wil Glass has been on the torch since ‘95 and opened HighTide Gallery in 2010. He’s known for these mini tubes that are handheld but absolutely rip and function so well. I love his signature pattern called “particle collider” which is made by trapping silver into a tube, melting it down, stretching it into a solid stringer, then making a big marble and blowing that into a piece of tubing. Starting at $140 with lots of worked options under $400, these tubes have a rare price point for artisan American-made glass and will make a perfectly portable addition to any rig collection. 

@wilglass / 

Zach Brown Ornaments & Carb Caps

I fell in love with Zach Brown’s carb caps after seeing his work in the competitor’s judging kits at Smoking Jacket. He’s so focused on flawless function that his motto is “#nosealnosale” — but he found a way to repurpose caps that didn’t make the quality cut this year with a release of commemorative ornaments. These are so cute for a heady collector to put on their tree or hang around the house as a holiday decoration! He’ll also have his classic offerings for standard bangers, slurpers, and control towers available in clear and red with crushed opal. So festive.

@zachbrownglass /

The Melting Owl Head Stash Jars

The Melting Owl has been blowing handmade concentrate accessories out in Oregon since 2016 and his head stash jars are the perfect gift for any glass and hash fanatic. They’re available in different sizes to store just a few grams or a whole lotta hash, and while some glass jars aren’t super functional, these perfectly seal to keep your favorite terps fresh. I always keep mine on me filled with my persy stash.


The Coffee Addict

Truly Red Panda Coffee Beans & Accessories 

If you’re online and into hash you probably know of Truly Red Panda. This meme master is also a coffee connoisseur, roasting his own Brazilian beans that are absolutely delicious. He also has some accessories available including glass-blown espresso cups and the “Breakfast of Champions” pot — because every good day starts with hash rosin and espresso in a heady.

@trulyredpanda /

Kush Cups Infused Coffee

Kush Cups sources the highest quality beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico to make small batches of cannabis-infused coffee in California. Nano-emulsion micro doses contain 5-10 mg of THC for an even-keeled head high that activates quickly. They have medium and dark roast ground coffee — I personally prefer the dark roast with rich notes of brown sugar and hazelnut — as well as convenient K-Cup pods and a new hot cocoa mix. Curling up by the fireplace with some hash and infused hot cocoa on a cold winter night? Talk about giving a gift.

@kushcups /

Drinking Vessels Cups

Drinking Vessels is here to transform cup cabinets into art collections. This group of artists blows glass and curates cups out of a studio in Minturn, Colorado, just up the hill from Vail’s famous ski village. From espresso cups to coffee mugs to stemless glasses that are great for an iced latte, there’s a cup to make every caffeine fix feel a little more fancy. They’ve also got drinking vessels for beverage enthusiasts of any kind — like decanter sets and wine glasses for vino lovers, pint glasses for beer bros, and scotch sets for cocktail creators.

@drinkingvessels /

The Fashionable Wook 

Wook Wear Pouches

Wook Wear is one of my absolute favorite artists, thrifting fabrics and designing her own patterns then cutting and sowing everything by hand. She’s known for her “prized possession pouches” that fit heady lil’ accessories like terp pearls, pendants, or marbles but also makes insulated zipper stash bags, fanny packs, duffels, and more. She does drops every #WookWearWednesday on her Instagram — stay tuned there for a special 12 Days of Sackmas and Pouchmas drop for the holidays. 



These laces come in a variety of fresh colorways, from classics like forest green and royal purple to multi-color combos like arctic blue and dragon’s breath. The “pendy knot” keeps your pendant centered on your chest and prevents it from swinging around. Plus, you can adjust the length with just a few tugs to match any outfit or easily slide the whole necklace off over your head instead of having to deal with a clasp. I have one of these for every pendant in my collection and will never ever go back to regular chains. 

@pendylace /

The Bindle Conspiracy Apparel & Accessories

Luke from The Bindle Conspiracy cuts and sews every single piece by hand in Boulder, Colorado. He makes the dopest hoodies and pants featuring different fabrics, textures, and patches as well as accessories like dad hats, bucket hats, tote bags, cross bodies, and more. His one-of-one pieces quickly sell out so don’t sleep if you see something you like for someone on your list!

@thebindleconspiracy / 

The Self-Care Stoner

TerpWizard Berga Balm

This infused pain relief balm from Hashtek user TerpWizard out of Michigan is seriously a game changer. It won Best Topical at Organic Cup and has ingredients including beeswax, peppermint oil, cannabis infused coconut oil, clove bud oil, and more that combine to create a refreshing peppermint aroma and relaxing icy-hot effect on the muscles. I love the consistency because it melts into your skin as you rub it in, but doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. This stuff is made for farmers and hash makers with sore shoulders, necks, and backs.


Sacred Ace CBD Skin & Body Care

Sacred Ace has a lineup of skin and body care products formulated by a veteran CBD skincare chemist and handmade with organic full-spectrum CBD. Every product is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free then packaged in fully recyclable materials. Any man with facial hair needs the beard oil, which is lightly scented with apricot oil, sandalwood, frankincense, and vanilla and comes in a gorgeous green glass bottle. The body oil is also incredible to help heal dry winter skin but pro tip: she also works wonders on razor burn, sunburns, and tattoos.

@sacredaceskincare /

Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate Face Oil

I love to see cannabis ingredients being used by a more mainstream brand, so way to go Kiehl’s! Derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds, this cannabis sativa seed oil is super gentle to reduce redness and inflammation. I love the fresh herbaceous smell and how soothing it feels on my face, and use a few drops every morning after I put on my moisturizer and sunscreen.

@kiehls / 

The Traveling Toker

Bordeaux CARTA 2 

In case you’re new here, team Hashtek is team CARTA all the way — I truly never leave home without mine. I was hoping for a new colorway this holiday season and the hash gods answered my prayers. She’s sophisticated, sleek, and smooth like a perfectly aged bottle of red wine. I can’t recommend the matching SABER enough, which has a flashlight at the end to help you scoop and load dabs in the dark. If someone on your list already has a CARTA but is using a regular old dab tool with it, the SABER would be a clutch stocking stuffer.

@focus.v /

Tiffany Blue Terpometer

For those that still use a full rig and torch setup even on the go, the Terpometer is a must. It’s super small and portable, can be attached to your keychain so you never lose it, and even doubles as a dab tool. The temperature readings are the most accurate out of any portable temp gauge I’ve tried, and can we take a minute to appreciate this new Tiffany blue edition with a play on the classic jewelry boxes?! Dabs are a way better gift than diamonds anyways.

@theterpometer /

Dabber Dock

The Dabber Dock gives you the perfect place to hold hot or sticky dab tools in any situation. They also make a Carb Crib which keeps caps sitting upright and the Terp Tray to store multiple terp pearls, marbles, and pillars in one organized little hub — and a combo kit available with all three pieces! These little guys take up minimal space when traveling and are silicone so nothing slides around on the move. Available in a few colors, I like the glow in the dark set best so I can see which pearl I’m grabbing even in the dark.

@dabber_dock /

5 Must-Have Dab Accessories 

Banger Basket

Banger Basket has three fresh new colors coming out for the holidays: Galactic Purple, Ocean Blue, and Yuzu Yellow. Simply soak your banger in the large side then rinse in the “clean” side before use, much like rinsing your dishes after washing them. 

@bangerbasket /

Apex Ancillary Magnetic Dab Toolstand

The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Dab Stand seriously transformed my sesh station. It keeps all your dab tools upright and in reach — no more scrambling to find a tool when the DabRite goes off or having gunk stuck to your coffee table, or lint on your tool. There’s also a hidden compartment for carb caps, hash jars, or other accessories and a groove to store non-magnetic tools.

@apex.ancillary / 

DabRite Pro

The Dabrite Pro has a lot of handy new features like the sensor shield, Dunk Alarm™ (a secondary alarm to remind you when it’s time to swab or dunk for cleaning), and sesh light. They also just released a limited-edition Darby Holm collab lineup starring two Pro designs plus accessories with Mood Mats, Nalgene®, CROCS™, and more.

@thedabrite /

Banger Supply Bangers

My go-to daily driver bangers. Banger Supply Co. has so many options when it comes to sizes and styles, and the quality is great for the price point. They have super fast shipping ideal for last-minute gifts or broken banger emergencies over the holidays. /

Tuff Tethers

Tuff Tethers keep your carb cap attached to your device with “Blueprints” available in a variety of pre-designed colorways. You can also build your own tether to match any setup and fit various eRig brands. Be on the lookout for limited release Christmas-themed Blueprints such as “Stocking Stuffer” and Mood Mats with art commissioned by @adubsdablab dropping in December.

@tufftethers /

5 Stocking Stuffers

Bark 4/20 Dog Toys

For the dog lover on your list. These 4/20-themed toys are absolutely hilarious and actually pretty durable — my dog is a chewing machine and has had the Heady Bear and Blunt Hound for years. 

@barkshop / 

Cabin 7 Originals Coloring Books

For the artistic stoner. Adult coloring books by Cabin 7 Originals are available in two editions, each with 40 coloring pages to get those creative juices flowing.

@cabin7originals /

Creative Thinking Journal: “Use While High” Edition

For the bookworm. This guided journal from Pilgrim Soul is filled with over 50 creative thinking exercises and prompts designed to stimulate the high mind. 

@pilgrim_soul_creative /

Cozy Cubes

For the homebody who likes to keep it cozy. My absolute favorite edibles, these bad boys have the perfect soft and chewy outside with a gooey inside, almost like Gushers (but better, because there’s weed).


Hashtek Mood Mats

For the Hashtek lover. Whether you run our equipment or just really enjoy smoking hash, our 8″ x 8″ mat is the perfect addition to any sesh table this season. We also have our XL mood mat available. Cheers from our family to yours!

@moodmats /

Written by Katadellic for Hashtek / Photos courtesy of makers & brands

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