Heady Happenings: A Revolution in Canadian Dab Culture

In the heart of Vancouver, an event recently unfolded that has significantly shaped the Canadian dabbing community. The Heady Happenings sesh and seminar, as envisioned by founder Kyle LeGrow, transcended its origins from local food truck gatherings in his backyard to become a beacon for hash enthusiasts across the nation.

Kyle LeGrow, a budding entrepreneur in the industry, recognized a pressing need amidst the pandemic: the isolation of community members and the struggles of local restaurants. Beyond his impactful work with Heady Happenings, Kyle is also the innovative mind behind Banger Baskets, further demonstrating his commitment to enhancing the dabbing experience. What began as an initiative to bring people together and support local businesses quickly evolved into a larger movement. “Everything we organized sold out,” LeGrow reflects, highlighting the community’s eagerness for connection and celebration. This demand led to the creation of Heady Happenings, an event series that brings together the pillars of the Canadian Dabbing community: friends, glass, hash, art, and food.

Partnering with heady industry leaders like Mothership Glass, Toro Glass, Dab Rite, and Lucky’s Bodega, Heady Happenings has tackled one of the community’s longstanding challenges: accessing heady items in Canada. However, the ambition of Heady Happenings extends beyond gatherings and glass; it’s also about ensuring the safety and quality of the hash being consumed.

LeGrow’s personal experiences with respiratory issues triggered by certain products highlighted the lack of regulation in the market, especially concerning the safety of rosin. This concern led to a partnership with Pura Labs for lab testing, revealing alarming levels of harmful compounds like Myclobutanil in some samples. This discovery shifted the focus of Heady Happenings towards education and safety, aiming to eradicate harmful pesticides from the sesh table.

The approach has been both supportive and educational, helping growers become Health Canada Compliant without resorting to public shaming. The first two years of competitions were conducted with discretion, focusing on educating producers behind the scenes. Now, with a foundation of understanding and improvement established, Heady Happenings is ready to take its educational mission public. “If a reputable company isn’t entering into a cup with a pesticide-free requirement – and isn’t posting any lab tests, we encourage consumers to ask why!” LeGrow states, emphasizing the power of informed consumers.

This year I had the honor of serving as a judge at the Hash It Out competition, witnessing firsthand the incredible talent in the Canadian hash community. The partnership with Hashtek to host a hash-making seminar in BC at Rubicon Organics is a testament to Heady Happenings’ commitment to education. Quoting Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” LeGrow aligns the mission of Heady Happenings with the broader goal of global change through knowledge.

Looking forward, Heady Happenings and Hashtek are excited to announce an exotic new location for a seminar this fall, promising to continue the tradition of excellence and innovation in the dabbing community. As Heady Happenings continues to grow, its impact resonates through the Canadian dabbing community, offering a space for celebration, learning, and improvement. Kyle LeGrow and the Heady Happenings team extend their gratitude to everyone who has supported their vision from the start, welcoming new participants to join in the journey towards a better, more connected community. “Thanks to everyone that has believed in us from the beginning, and thanks to all the new peeps coming out that allow us to continue to grow our seshes into what Heady Happenings is today.”

Day 1 – Rubikon Hash Making

This was a great day. Washing hash with all the makers who entered the Hash It Out Cup on the Hashtek A-Series.

Day 2 – Hashmakers Panel

The second day was a great one as well. I got a chance to chat with Kyle on stage about the history of Hashtek and our vision for the future of solventless extraction.

Day 3 – Heady Happenings Arcade Sesh

Day 3 was the main event. There was a solid turnout with a full house of homies dabbing it up. Food was great and many dabs were enjoyed.

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