Hashtek Gentle Hash Pump

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Pump Cart:

  • Compressed Air Lubricator
  • Fabricated of 1.5” Sanitary Tube, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Two (2) Swivel Casters
  • Two (2) Static Feet
  • Supporting Sheet for AODD Pump
  • Supporting Sheet for Pneumatic Controls
  • Canadian Fabrication

Pneumatic Controls:

  • Air Pressure Regulator
  • Dial Pressure Gauge
  • Shut-Off Valve
  • Quick Disconnect

Pump Specs:

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 56 USGPM
  • Maximum Air Supply Pressure: 120 psig
  • Displacement Per Stroke: 0.084 USG
  • Minimum Air Inlet Pressure: 10 psig
  • Maximum Particle Size: 0.25”
  • Sound Pressure: 73.6 dB(A)
  • Operating Temperature: Elastomers Selected for Sustained Use Near 0˚C

The Hashtek pneumatic diaphragm pump allows you to move trichome rich water without the shearing forces associated with impeller driven pumps. This means precious trichome heads will not be damaged prior to filtration.

These pumps are excellent for hashmakers who have height limitations in their hash lab that prevent them from utilizing gravity drains. It is also a great solution if you are running a multi-tank agitation setup… as with the Dual A-Frame agitators.

Our pumps are properly built with a compressed air lubricator, unlike some of the other hash pumps you may find on the market.

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