Sanitary Commercial Cannabis Dry Sift Tumbler

Dry Sift Hash is the most economical method of production.

Dry Sift Hash is used to make traditional pressed hash. Trichomes are extracted via gentle tumbling, ideally in a cold-room environment. Our tumblers use 200-micron stainless steel mesh which is heavy duty and easy to clean (other micron levels available upon request).

There is no ice, RO water or solvents required. Simply tumble your dry cannabis to collect the trichome heads.

Other tumblers on the market use flimsy nylon bags, hard to clean square-designs and plastic construction. With our design you tumble biomass in a stainless steel mesh drum and collect trichomes from a flat-angled stainless steel collection tray. No plastic contamination or flimsy nylon screens. Our stainless steel screens are solvent resistant.

Ergonomic Loader and Unloader

The Hash Tek tumbler is designed to work with our custom loader and unloader. This makes using the unit safe for any size operator, under any working conditions.

The unit tilts down to dump material, and then tilts the other way to allow for easy loading.

Hashtek equipment is built to last a lifetime. That is why our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.

Our Difference

Sanitary Equipment

EU GMP/GPP Compatibility

Health Canada Compliant

Built for Scalability


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