About Us

Hashtek equipment

Your dedicated extraction consultants

We will help you spec and size out your hash extraction room based on your production requirements

Modular and Scalable – built to allow you to scale up as your business grows

Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and 1 year warranty on all electrical components

Product Development consulting for all customers.

Born out of necessity

Our story started with the paradigm shifting legalization of Cannabis in Canada. This brought together a motley crew of engineers, artists and welders that form the core of hashtek. Our design team works directly with operators in the cannabis industry to make their lives easier.

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Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch within 1 business day. We offer consulting services to all of our customers.

Hashtek equipment is built to last a lifetime. That is why our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.

Our Difference

Sanitary Equipment

EU GMP/GPP Compatibility

Health Canada Compliant

Built for Scalability


Hashtek ™
Mississauga, ON